How do I set my signature?

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  1. Hail JEBUS!!!! Thank you kind sir.
    I'm guessing your on a computer? Maybe we can't see signatures useing mobile browser :/

    Thanks again :D
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  2. ya im on a computer. it's been a long while since i used an app but im pretty sure your not able to see signatures by default on mobile. i kind of remember there being some setting to show them but im not sure.
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  3. Awesome thanks man
  4. @BudButler

    Thanks for helping. I was a busy mofo this weekend.
    Both signatures are showing for Desktop users> I do think it is possible to view on the mobile app, but the default is definitely off.

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  5. No big deal, but figure I'll add that I see signatures using browser on my phone, but still do not see theirs.

    (I double checked the settings too)

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