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How do i save weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CitySmoker420, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. WHAT are ways to smoke weed frugally? to get the most bang for my buck?? aside from growing what are ways to get higher??? or conserve weed??
  2. Divide your bag up.
    Like.. Hide weed from yourself.
  3. get a one-hitter sneak a toke thing

    or a gravity bong

    or grind up your bud so it burns better

    or get a vaporizer

    or use hot knifing technique

    or dont smoke your weed
  4. well how do you normally smoke? Blunts/joints? If thats burning too much of your stash try using a peice; a nice little spoon or bub will use bud alot more efficiently
  5. In my experiences, the best way to save is to get tight with your dealer. Now I'm not talking about becoming bfff's, but make sure you keep in touch, if only for pickups. After a while, or even really soon, you'll be buying larger quantities for less money.

    To summarize: Buy in bulk.
  6. take a lot of snaps from a bong
  7. well right now im smoking out of a very nice CrUsH bowl and a little bong... i do snaps from the bong and the bowl is just chillll but i never really have alot of weed and i normally cut it with a little bit f tobbaco maybe some sageee maybe some green tea... but is there anyway to like take my resin out and make hash??? or something??
  8. what the fuck you smoke tea and sage?thats fucking strange im sorry. just save up or get your priorities straight before you smoke.
  9. get a vaporizer. best way to conserve weed. take so much less than packing multiple bowls or smoking blunts.
  10. sure is, here's the basic operation:

    Gather your materials, high % iso alcohol, your piece, a large enough zip lock bag to fit your glass, and kosher salt

    1. Place your glass inside the bag, add 2 tbs of salt, and add enough alcohol to cover the peice and an inch above.

    2. Close the bag and shake vigorously for 2 minutes, and let sit for 30, shake for 2 more minutes and remove the piece.

    3. Strain the alcohol in the bag through a fine strainer into a Pyrex dish or a plate

    4. Let the plate sit outside to evaporate the alcohol, scrape the remaining resin and enjoy
  11. ok thanks... where do i get a fine stainer from??

  12. i made one outta a lightbulb works good
  13. you could use a coffee filter; ill take pics of what I use to give you an idea of what to look for if you decide to make this a common practice
  14. Bake it. Doesn't take much weed to get someone stoned if it's being cooked.

  15. yeah cuz i normally just clean my bowl to keep it lookin sexy
  16. I look forward to this picture.

    I should have done this last night when I cleaned my bowl to perfection, and let all that good resin go down the sink.
  17. first i run it through this


    then this to make sure its pretty much just saturated alc


    Next time i clean my glass I'll make a thread on how to make the oil with mad pics
  18. Epic. Maybe mine will be dirty by then.
  19. Grind up your weed before packing it in the bowl. The efficiency shoots up and it takes less weed to get the same high you would get if you just stuck a nug in there.
  20. Grinders are the bomb. Get one with a keif strainer. The keif is even more potent than the bud. Sprinkle some on your bowl and bong two hits. Gets me high for two hours. You have to start with good bud though if you want to cruise for two hours.


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