How do I roll this?

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  1. [​IMG]
    So, how do I roll this? Any ideas?
  2. Like a boss
  3. epic! roll three joints but not too tight and proceed to braid them? i dunno but it looks dope
  4. yeah, no shit

    I don't think you can just braid 3 loose joints, the bottom is definitely some magic I cannot comprehend.
  5. well if you figure it out let me know. that looks like it would be an epic smoke!
  6. its just 3 joints braided together. ive seen a guide here somewhere before
  7. If ya roll one better let me take a hit...
  8. Bawss, what u gotta do is roll 3 joints, keep the fattest in the middle and braid the 2 around slightly youll see it's easy like tying your shoes but without the end part ;p where you pull you make a filter and put the ends inside the filter then just roll a piece j onto that, lick smoke and Get high
  9. There's a sticky in apprentice tokers how to roll there's a guide for a joint just like this.
  10. KNEW IT! hahahaha someone find a guide or video to this, im on my phone. if i find one on my comp ill share here
  11. I should've known. Thank you!
  12. [ame=]How to roll a braided joint - YouTube[/ame]
  13. wild pokemon pencil appear's !!! funny as shit
  14. Tried one of these years ago. Make three joints 'n plait 'em together, then use the gum from papers to tie it all.
    Ours lasted about three tokes before unravelling and burning at different speeds.
    Pointless waste of time to be honest. lol

    It's in my version of the Joint Rollers Handbook, but for some reason none I've come across on the internet.


    Posted the last one to show you something else crazy.:smoke:
  15. The Grand Dutchy... HOLY FUCK
  16. that grand dutchy is a bit mental
  17. Did you find this pic on Reddit I saw it on there a couple days ago
  18. no, reddit sucks.
  19. You have to be a wizard.

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