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How do i roll a joint without a filter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Brandon138, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Usually when I roll a joint ill roll up a little rectangular piece of paper to put in the end I suck on to keep weed from going in my mouth and to give me something to hold onto when it gets down to the roach. But I would like to just roll with just the paper and not have to make a little filter thing every time. So how do i roll a joint so that it doesnt close up when i try to hit it.
  2. Leave a little space with no weed in it,and put your lips a little further up on the joint.
  3. I put crutches in all my joints, but if you don't feel like putting em in there just roll weed in the whole joint and when it gets too hot save the roach and smoke it later in a generation joint/bowl. The paper toward the back has a lot of resin in it after you smoke, it will get you super blazed.
  4. dont disband the crutch !
  5. Try using a roach as a "filter" You reuse roaches. Smoke an all weed joint, save the roach and roll it into the next joint. You can do this a few times. When your just about done smoking, take the really dank/resinous roach,and smoke it in a bowl.
  6. i either put some rolled up paper, or just roll it as usual and tear off any excess paper.
  7. You just roll a good cone and there will be a smaller hole at the end where weed wont come out.
  8. just make sure that when u roll it the end that ur gonna inhale through has a small hole and when it gets down to the end instead of saving the roach i just smoke it with a roach clip or stick it in a one hitter

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