How do I revert a flowering plant back to veg?

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  1. So I was rushing through moving my plants in veg into the flowering room and wasn't paying attention to which plants were being pulled. Husband accidentally grabbed one we wanted to clone and she was in flower 3 weeks before we noticed she was missing from the veg room. How do I get her back into veg? I have already made sure she's getting 16 hours of light but it's been a week and I still see budlets. What changes am I looking for to signal she is back in veg? How long does she need to be back in veg for it to be safe to take a clone? Anything I can do other than flip the lights back to veg schedule to expedite this?
  2. It takes a while for plants to go back into veg depending on the plant. My strawberry haze took an entire month and a half to fully go back into veg, my cheese only took two weeks, incredible bulk was around 4, all reciving 14 hours of light. You will know it has begun when you see single blades leaves coming out of the buds eventually including them in new growth.

    Revgging creates bushy monsters who fill out your space and whatever it's planted in quickly.

    Good luck.
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  3. Switch back to veg nutes an 24hr light
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  4. Came back to this comment as your advice was sound. The revegged clone (that I wanted more clones from) as well as her mother have been revegged and were separated from the others in flower so that they could reveg on thier own time. In all it took 2 months to see healthy, 7 bladed leaves and good roots. All of July and August were dedicated to thier health. On 10/1 I flipped the switch on them and they are showing budlets again. Just as you stated they are OUT OF CONTROL. They have dominated the 7.5 ft tent they're in and I'm trying to contain them and allow light to reach everything but having a seriously hard time. You gave spot on advice before so I was hoping you'd see this update and pull me outta the dark once again! How do I tame them? lot of lower stuff dying off. Lower branches need light and tops need to slow down a bit. HUGE fan leaves larger than my hands dominating the space blocking light. Thoughts?

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