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How do i power a grow op?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ismokeplentybud, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. How can you power a grow op without being on the grid? Generators are expensive, costing around 8,000 for 25,000 watts and they take a crapload of gas.
  2. Search "CFL Grow"
  3. I dont want CFL. I want to go big or go home.
  4. them don't until you have figured out all there is to growing the best possible cannibus plants and not wasting electrical energy doing it. i'm sorry if this sounds harsh,but this is the only way to go big and not waste time or money. keep the plants growing fast at all times,don't let them suffer at all.only experiance can tell you more.
  5. Ya either spend the money or dont do it at all you'll just be wasting your time
  6. The Sun is the only realistic way to light your grow without being on the power grid. You're right that generators make no sense economically (besides the noise and the need to re-fill the fuel tank every few hours), and solar or wind power is even more out-of-reach. If you lived near a moving body of water you possibly could build a small hydro-electric generator, but again at a ridiculous cost. No kind of batteries will do the trick.
  7. I understand where all you are coming from, but cartracer.... I wouldnt be starting a Grow Op if i didnt know what i was doing. I have the money, i have the willpower, i have the knowledge, and the instruments necessary. My question was how to power it all without getting busted. As for ACgrower...... I could spend the money but it wouldnt make sense to spend those thousands on gas and the effort of getting it and filling the generator and maintaining it because it will need maintaining.... they arent meant to run 24 hours a day... I would barely make money off the op and it would be a loss on my part. I completely agree with toastybiz, besides the solar and wind power. It isnt far out of reachn but its a little pricey and i dont know how much power it actually produces. It would also have to be wired around the electrical box so it doesnt show up on the grid, which most likely would involve batteries of sorts.... Anybody else have good recommendations? I know a bunch of people in BC With ops but they steal power and water usually. Not something im interested in doing.

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