How do I not fuck up with this girl?

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  1. Hey guys,
    I've talked to this girl on and off for like 4 years now, and I've finally invited her round to mine, I've also got a free house that weekend, as you can probably imagine I wanna get my dick wet, but every time I seem to get an opportunity I fuck it up by being such a pussy. I'm pretty sure she's game I just don't know how to approach the subject, I've not had a girlfriend or any relationship for over a couple of years now.

  2. Goddamn 4 years!? She's definitely down. Get some beer, put on a movie, and work from there. It's really easy stuff.

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  3. Just relax!! Im also tryna get with someone that Ive known for 4 years. But yeah alcohol, weed and movie sound like a good plan. Look good too! Watch "courage wolf" on youtube before she comes over youll get pumped with confidence.
    Problem is I don't drink and don't drive stoned (I'm probably gonna have to give her a lift home late on).
    As you can probably tell I'm a boring fuck.
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    Can you take a taxi?
    Alcohol or weed boost your chances of getting laid by 200 percent.
  7. FOUR YEARS!!!!!?????

    I can't help you, mang.

  8. Anything happen yet?
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    OP, your man card has been revoked
  10. its not going to happen. if she hasnt hooked up w/ you before why do you think she will now

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  11. I laughed my fuckin ass off when I saw that.Thank u sir
  12. Yes!!!!
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    4 years sounds like I've put in work, I haven't, she's basically been after me for the whole time but I haven't been bothered to try much.
    So anyway I sacked this bitch off, the amount of trouble I can see it causing isn't worth the effort, I just want pussy, I can see she'd get mad attached and it'd be a hassle.
    Made myself look a right bitch with this thread.
  14. Well, if it was someone you'd know for like 4 years and just wanted to "get your dick wet", then that'd be a faux pas. Seriously, she'd be expecting way more and you'd probably hurt her really badly, best to just leave it alone unless you wanted something more. Find some other girl, and just bring it up one day with this girl you aren't interested in having a girlfriend. Who knows, she might be ok with friends with benefits. It's highly doubtful.
  15. Yeah man that's what I'm doing, not bothering it'd be unfair really.

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