How Do I Not Come Off Like An Asshole In This Situation?

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  1. question: once you're friend zone'd by a chick, is there any way to get out? or is it forever a 'no pussy for you, but we can still hang out' type of stigma? serious question here.

    Just got friend zone'd by this girl I was talking to the last month or so. I suspect it was because I blew her off this ONE time because I really had to do something and couldnt get out of it. I guess she must have took it personally, because today she made it clear i'm not getting between her legs but she still wants to be my friend. Now she's messaging me wanting to hang out with her and some other people. To be honest, I dont really care to be her friend. Is it possible to get out of this without coming off as an asshole?
  2. Only hope now is to make her want you...Now thats gonna take some skill.

    But if she called to hang out just say no
  3. "Sorry babe, you're kind of a bitch and pretty boring. I just wanted to bang you, Seeya later. Dont call me."

    Dont think so
  4. At least from your story it doesn't seem like she's telling you all her guy problems and using you as a shoulder to cry on. If you really don't want to hang out with her, just make up an excuse about why you can't hang out and just start ignoring her or something. Just remember that if you did start hanging out with her and her friends, she might eventually start to want you. Not sure how likely that is, but it still gives you a chance. If you just flat out ignore her, you'll never fuck her.
  5. Theres a time limit in the friend zone. It may not be too late. go chill with her, get her alone, flirt. make her feel wanted and shit. lead her into it without pressuring her and youre in. Just dont wait till its too late!
  6. About a year ago, I got friend-zoned hardcore by this gorgeous girl at work. She was really cool, but I was crushing on her big time and I wasn't sure if I could do the friend thing.

    We hung out once or twice a week for a couple months and as soon as I was really comfortable being just friends, we actually got together!

    We moved in together this month!

  7. Walk up to her and say "I don't love you, i just wanted you for sex," and walk away.

    Sure, you'll look like an asshole, but you'll be a funny asshole!
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    Quit being a poon, if you're on her daily texting list I'm sure you're fine. Just ignore her a little more, maybe for a couple of days at a time.

    Good luck bro.

    EDIT: Someone gave me neg rep for this (though it was actually neutral..) so I hope they're reading this...
    I'm not being a dumbass by saying this, everyone knows that if you're clingy or completely devoted to the girl or guy you're trying to bag then that's an unsuccessful strategy. The less you talk to them the more they're thinking about you.
    People try'na tell me I need to "grow up"... psh read some of the other posters around the forum.
  9. ^^^Emblazened is right. There is still hope, my friend
  10. Yeah all you have to do is make her attracted to you. Easier said than done, for sure.

    But there is hope to get out of the friend zone. You're gonna need some balls though bro
  11. Don't talk to her for a while (about a week or more), then randomly start talking to her again. Feed her shit about how you like her, etc etc, then hopefully it will play out from there. Worked for me the few times I've had to do it in the last year -.-
  12. ive been in situations like this a few times

    i always try to be nice about it but end up being an asshole to them, even though i try not to

    it is what it is. its not like i care if they think well of me lol, those bitches friend zoneded me!
  13. If you can make yourself reasonably attractive to the other sex (hygiene, coolness, etc), you can use this to your advantage. Hang out with her. You'll either eventually get some (either as a fwb or bf) or one of her friends will snag you.
    Seriously, if she's calling to hang out with you, then either she or one of her friends is interested.
  14. I was in the friend zone with this chick for SEVEN YEARS. I ended up fucking her silly. How?

    Ok, after a certain point I just stopped sweating her. Apparently when I was sweating her, it turned her off. But the day (literally - the DAY) I stopped giving a shit and made it known, we fucked.

    Call it reverse psychology.

    But it obviously may not work for everyone.

    That chick turned out to be a total cunt, too. It wasn't even worth it in the long run.

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