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How do I move clones outside with out frying them?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by EscapeFromCali, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I just took some clones from some of my indoor plants and I want to grow them outdoors. How long should I wait after they root to move them outside and how do I go about doing that with out frying them?
  2. No experience cloning marijuana but I do take cuttings from pretty much else that I grow (tangerines, lemons, pears, apples ect) and when putting them outside, SHADE is the key, full shade for about 3 days, partial shade for about 2 more and they should be ready for full sun the following week. But like I said I've yet to try MJ.
  3. The above advice is great. But if you put them out now they will go into flower. I would wait until at least the first week of May or the waxing Moon. Good Luck
  4. When the ones resume a heathy speed of growth is the best time to move them out. You also need to wait until may or later to put them outdoors. Any earlier and clones will start to flower early and fuck up your yields.

    When it's time, first move the clones out of the humidity dome for a few hours at a time until they are strong enough to just stay out full time. Then I'd grow them indoors under a light for a couple days or more before gradually moving them out.

    First bring them out to shady spot and see how they do for a while. If they wilt, bring them in. Then try moving them into the subs couple days later. Do it slow.
  5. Don't fert them for a while either except maybe some ewc or kelpmeal tea. There is more than one way to burn a plant.

  6. Thanks. Sounds good got a couple of cloudy days coming up so ill try to move a few that are ready to flower outside then.
  7. [quote name='"EscapeFromCali"']Thanks. Sounds good got a couple of cloudy days coming up so ill try to move a few that are ready to flower outside then.[/quote]

    Not enough time for them to finish flowering. Wait a month.
  8. what if i moved one that was 8 weeks in to flowering with about 2 to 3 weeks left outside?
    It has not been doing well under the lights.

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