How do I mask the smell

Discussion in 'Security' started by The Ganjaneer, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. trail about 50 feet from plants, no one goes back there though, only potential issue is smell. How can I mask the smell?
  2. Honestly there not a single thing that could mask the smell of an outside grow unless you can stop the wind blowing. Unless you built a huge dome around your plants that still let in light which I see highly doubtful lol. If no one goes back there then no problem. People won't assume it's a grow either they'll think someone smoked it
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  3. Yeah I'm hoping that's the case because I logistically can't meet all my plants needs if I relocate.
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  4. wouldn't this depend on how many plants are growing ?
  5. I know in indoor growing you'd use an air filter, like a carbon filter or something. No idea how you'd control it in an outdoor grow. I'd check out this thread, might be useful for you! Outdoor Grow Smell Concerns....Please Help!
  6. well if no one goes back there then there is no one to smell them . .
  7. Ask yourself: How much traffic will this trail see in the month of September/early October? (time when smell will be strongest) If little to none, I'd bet your fine...but at 50ft away from the plants, if it is a busy trail then yes it's very possible somebody could smell them. How many plants are you growing and what strain(s)?

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