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How do I make sure my smoking doesnt interfere with my sisters athsma?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by perpetualeater, Jan 6, 2016.

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    My parents already know I've smoked weed, and weren't bothered by it. At the moment, they're only really concerned with it affecting my sister's breathing (also why they won't let either of us burn incense or candles indoors), and also the fact that it's not legal where I live.

    For this reason, I'm ruling out smoking inside, however I am not sure how to minimize smell and make sure it doesn't come in through the windows of her room if I smoke outside, since those are usually open.

    Note: I'm an adult, but live at home for the time being due to college being too expensive.

  2. I have really bad asthma and I still smoke it doesn't bother me one bit
  3. Dude if you are smoking outside it is not going to magically fly in your sisters room and fuck with her breathing. Smoke outside, she will be fine. She also would be fine if she wasn't in the same room as you smoking.
  4. @Lessthanjeezy
    No, no, no, smoking in the house should certainly be ruled out. As someone with asthma I can tell you that the faintest traces of shit can make you flair up.

    Op, just smoke downwind of her windows or on the other side of the house and you should be fine. You could also take a walk.

  5. Stay away from her window when you smoke.......smh....
  6. pends on how sever her asthma is. but overall in moderation pot can help with asthma( thc is a bronchi dilator along with some anti inflammatory benefits. and cbd being another form of anit inflammatory too.)
    or every time I get on my bike I would either need to use my inhaler or have to stop after a block or so to catch my breath.
    but in saying that pot can only help so much, if you sit and smoke the weekend away then your going to have negative effects. but if your out and active using your lung muscles then it can be a benefit to one's self.
  7. The chances of her asthma acting up because of weed is almost zero. Asthma is actually one of the things that medical cannabis treats.

    (Plus the amount of smoke that might whisk through the window, probably wouldn't be enough for her to even smell it, let alone send her into an asthma attack)

  8. It shouldn't be a problem, but if you need just buy a smoke buddy. No smoke, so no need to worry.
  9. I have pretty bad asthma and like twice in my life has weed effected it negatively, and that was mostly from trying to take too large of hits from the bong.
  10. weeds a bronchodilator so it'd help if anything
  11. Vaporizing would give all the benefits, be more efficient, and none of the tar and particulate matter that can at times aggravate asthma.

  12. Step 1: go outside. You seem to know this already so good work.

    Step 2: Don't smoke near her open window.

    Step 3: Profit!!


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