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How do I make my weed stronger than it is

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Sensimeena, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. I have heard of many methods of making weed stronger and rite now I can only afford to get some garbage weed (very bad regs) and I wanted to kno of some methods of making the weed stronger. I have heard of soaking it in sum liquor and it will make it stronger. Can anyone tell me if this is correct? and if sumone knows a better method feel free to tell me because i cant even get a buzz with the stuff im getting
  2. Soaking in alcohol will kill the THC. You can bury it underground for a while, I've heard that increase potency, or you can just cure the bud again.
  3. yeah, you're right. according to "Steal This Book" by Abbie Hoffman, you can bury it underground for a few months and it comes out with a weird(in the bag if i remember correclty)mold that makes it more potent. he also said that if you take your bud, break it up and place it in an airtight metal box with a block of dry ice for 3 days that it'll do the same thing. haven't tried either, but if you do, let us know how it turns out
  4. Some molds are highly toxic to humans, even if you're burning it before you inhale I wouldn't smoke anything like that.
  5. besides if its shitty weed just smoke a lil more than usual and most of the time you can achieve the same buzz.
  6. i highly doubt it... how can the THC just appear over a few days...(the thc gets you high, not mold) and if this WERE true, i imagine many dealers across american would be using it..

  7. dont mean to nit pick, but abbie hoffman is a SHE!! heheh

    ive always wanted to try to burying weed deal, but never bothered with it. my buds good enough for me as it is, i got no time to wait :D

  8. Abbie Hoffman was a HE. :) He was married to Anita
    Hoffman, who was very big in the counterculture.
  9. really tho, whats the deal with the whole burying thing? alright bury a bag of weed... air tight bag? any depth requirments or somethin? siol quality? what?
  10. you'll be smoking amonia. not a good idea.

    you could always just roll a hash joint :p or dip your weed in opium. or just cure it again, hope it gets dryer and tighter.
  11. i'd try to bury it for a month but as soon as i run out i'd be digging that shit up
  12. How does the curing process occur
  13. critter did it :smoking:

    Come on guys fun is fun but some kid just might try that shit.
  14. here's an idea...if you smoke with a pipe you can put a piece of bud in the chamber and let it collect resin. that will make that piece of weed stronger. it requires you to smoke some in your bowl - but when you smoke it will increase the potency by resinating the piece you stuck inside your bowl for a future smoke. hope i'm making sense, i'm a little stoned.
  15. Dude you can bury it and let mold grow on it .... or ... You could go back to basics like hold the smoke in longer, hot box your area, dont eat anything for a least a half hour after smoking cause thc is fat soluable and adding food increases your motabolism thus speeding up the longevity of your trip ...
  16. sprinkle keef on it....if youve got any
  17. hey, this is meerly what the book said. i dunno, i haven't tried it. and yes, i know that some mold is toxic to humans. abbie said that he had done it.

    and yeah, abbie was a dude man, famouse co-founder of the Yippies. he was most famous for being convinced that "fuck" was meerly a word and would use it at all times in his normal daily conversations with everyone he talked to in an attempt to dull the impact of the word if you will. he also had a big hand is revolutionizing how to protest, including guerrilla radio, guerrilla media, and today's oh so popular guerrilla theater in which he would invite the media to their protests and thusly get more coverage. don't test me on abbie hoffman. :D

  18. you positive about that??? huh, wierd stuff. guess i feel like a fool now :p
  19. > _ < does anyone else, Know any other methods In making It strong x..x  besides burying it .---.
  20. Melt bho over it then sprinkle keif on it

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