how do i make my shisha taste better?

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  1. i have a green double-hosed egyptian hookah with cobra hoses, quite expensive. lately i havent been able to taste my quality starbuzz shisha. i have been giving my hookah an extreme cleaning after each use. however i think my main mistake was not sprinkling the shisha into the bowl, id just pack a bunch in there, not too tight, but also not touching the foil. and i wouldnt make enough holes in it. but i heard putting ice and milk in the hookah will creater thicker smoother, cooler clouds, and the taste will also be enhanced? is this true or a rumor? is there anything specific i can do to improve the taste of my shisha? right now it's quite bland, but i haven't tried to have a "proper" session with those things i listed above yet

    thanks in advance :smoke:
  2. So Ive been smoking hookahs for about 4 years now. The most important thing is the regular cleaning of your hoses.

    Id say go for the ice and fuck the milk, that shit sounds nasty.

    But imho, nomatter how often you clean, if you mix flavors over the weeks in your shisha, the shit is gonna taste the same in future, nomatter what tobacco you put in there.
  3. Why is that? Honest question.

  4. Shisha is tobacco. Is that what you were asking?
  5. No, why everything would taste the same.
  6. All the hardcore shisha/Hooka-heads I know have several hoses, the hookah bars Ive been to do the same, either shisha/hookahs specific for a specific flavor or atleast specific hoses for certain tastes.

    The hoses are hard as hell to really free from all the shit that sticks to the inside and after time nomatter how often you clean, it will become a mix of all the shit you have smoked.

    I remember when I went to the headshop to get some baccy for my hookah and this oldschool stoner/druggie that runs the joint, makes the most incredible mixes. I had plum/gummybear (which tasted exactly like a liquor we have over here) and chocolate fondue oh goddamn those had such an awesome taste it was unbelievable.
  7. Ohh I gotcha now, its the hose then.
  8. You should also invest in a vortex bowl, not so much for making you taste it again, but for thicker smoke and the shisha wont go harsh, the bowl is designed to keep the juice from falling through, so it tastes good the whole way instead of harsh after awhile.
  9. Yeah the milk works, just put two spoonfuls. It makes the smoke thicker. And ice also helps, it makes the smoke cooler. Other than that pack the bowl properly, make enough holes in the foils, and see that you keep moving the coals around while smoking. Some people also put alcohol in the base so you can try that if you want.
  10. The best thing you can do if you're a regular hookah user is invest in multiple hoses. Those things gets dirty real fast and can be a real pain to clean.
  11. sometimes i clean out my hoses and nothing's inside of them. but other times there will be a large chunk of black resin and shit in there

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