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How do i make hash with crystal from my grinder

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Payne1020, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Do I wash it in 99% each piece separately then? Do I leave the ISO until is all evaporated ? Please help
  2. Man, you can't make hash from meth
  3. I'd press the kief, if you want to make iso hash use bud and lots of it
  4. Don't know what "with crystal" means but a grinder wash is fairly simple. Just seperate the grinder pieces and soak in alcohol. Then take the grinder pieces out and pour the alcohol through a filter then let it sit and evaporate.
  5. yup soak in alcohol, strain and purge, or evaporate at 110 - 125 degrees F. for about an hour or two. don't use too much alcohol or you have to evaporate for a lot longer.
  6. It does not take much ISO to do the job. You can wash your car for 20 mins, or an hour using more water. It will not be any cleaner.
    You are removing the Kief which is pure, 91% alcohol is good as there is nothing to be gained from spending more $.


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