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how do i make a screen?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Divine_Sage, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. I just bought some wicked hash and all i have is my lowly glass pipe wich has no screen....does anyone have any tips or somthing on how to make a screen from household items. I dont have all the tools i need for blades otherwise id do that.

    screen has to be fine
  2. 2 things i like to do... get some stems you have around, find a piece that splits like a fork, and break it off to the point all you have is a "V" shaped stem, then just drop it in the hole of your bowl, pointed end first, and you have a screen. place misc stems to fill any large gaps. or you could go outside and find a small pebble and drop it into your bowl. i like to use stems. all natural screen.
  3. One little trick is to check a sink faucet. They have screens (but are usually rusted) inside them.
  4. good thinkin bourbun..i did one better, we had an old PUR water filter thingy that didnt fit on our faucet still sitting in its box, i just pryed off the screen and cut off the rubber washer, finer then any screen iv bought. thats some MacGyver shit i must say. tastes a bit metaly though im not sure if its coated in somthing.
  5. ahhahaha you are MacGyver, good job on the impovising
  6. you can probably find a screen inside a water sprinkler.
  7. You know how some places hand out free condoms with the idea 'better to promote safe sex than absitance', well i think headshops should hand out free screens with the idea 'better to promote safe smoker than let these little fuckers smoke out of aluminum foil and garbage"
  8. cut a hole of your the window
  9. dosnt the window screen melt if it gets too hot?
  10. lol, idk never tried it, i have a glass screen in almost all my pieces
  11. go borrow one from your sink :)
  12. Make sur eto burn the screen red hot first to get any excess chemicals off of it
  13. when in need i always just bend a paperclip into whatever shape i need to work.

    (oh god that was horrible, past and present tense all over the place...)
  14. Why would you borrow a screen from your sink? A sink is one huge metal wet bastion of germs. I won't touch my finger to my sink drain let alone smoke weed out of it. Horrible idea.

    The idea of cutting the screen off the Pur filter would work, but you should've burnt the screen before hand. Even if you get screens from a pipe store always hold it with some tweezers or something and burn the entire thing to get any extra coating or trace elements off of it.
  15. Good point, but i would think all the heat would kill all the germs present, you're talking several hundreds of degrees where as most of these micro-organisms cant live in a variation of several degrees celcius.
  16. Yeah no one ever said pull it out and smoke with it still dripping sink slime. You have to burn it for some time.
  17. right now i smoke mostly out of a socket wrench. i stuck the screen looking thing off of my headphones down in there. it used to come out a lot when i was dumping out cached stuff but now all the resin makes it stay.
  18. Hahaha, you're smoking chrome finish, good luck with heavy metal poisoning.
  19. me and my friends usually take the little silver bit of paper inside a stick of gum and use a needle to poke holes in it...make sure you put your stuff in it with the silver side up or you can burn through it
  20. You must clean this screen. Use rubbing alcohol. If you use soap make sure you rinse it well and then rince it with alcohol. Make sure whatever you use to clean that fucker with, that you scrub any residue off with alcohol and then do another hot water rinse. Even if you are heating it to clean it... scrub it with alcohol. If it's actually rusty, just don't use it.

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