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How do I load a bong properly?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pageerror404, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. When I smoke out of my own bong I always seem to get less high than when it's someone elses. I think I might be loading the bowl wrong. My friend thinks I'm breaking up the weed too much and it's getting sucked down into the water, but he usually just throws a whole big nug in and smokes it, which I have never seen anyone else do.
  2. light the bud until you see smoke.
  3. thats how i do it too, just stuff a nug in the bowl. Works great for me. i worry about sucking it into the bong if i break it up.
  4. Do you see clumps of black in the bong water? That's like torching a bowl, then blowing out the rest. In that case, your friend is right.

    When I'm too lazy to even grind the weed, I just throw the nug in.
  5. Put a bigger chunk towards the bottom of the bowl to cover the hole, this will prevent the bud from getting sucked into the water.
    Load up ground bud on top of this.

    Smoke away.
  6. get a screen you cheap bastard :)
  7. I've never been into grinding my weed for a bong hit, nor have I smoked with more than 1 person who does so. I personally feel that it snaps through too quickly than one dense nug or piece of one. Throw the whole thing you want to smoke in there, and gently pack it down. Press enough so it doesn't pop back up but not so tight that air cant get through. Also dont skimp on your Bong load. Your friends might be packing you a little bit fatter of a hit than you imagine just because your not packing it.

  8. this is what i do

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