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How do I light up a bowl without lighter or match?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by peetabread, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Just broke my lighter and have no matches at my disposal.
  2. Solar hits with a magnifying glass
  3. get up. walk. buy one. drive if you can.
    otherwise. get a knife. heat it on the stove. and use it on the bowl
    theres a million threads like this. do a search
  4. Light a candle on a stove and use that
  5. squat on top of the stove and fart. Use the mini explosion to light ur bowl
  6. Like everyone said, stove or candle as a source of fire and anything long, thin and wood. Tooth pick, kabob skewers, whatever.
  7. Call Gandalf. He's always up for a smoke sesh, and he don't need no fuckin' lighter. He just snaps his fingers.
  8. grind two rocks together near some dried mosses or cedar bark, make it catch on fire. :D
  9. Maybe he wanted a response from the people online right now to just have a convo and doesn't feel like reviving some dead thread that was forgotten about mad long ago....Jeez.

  10. LOL i was gonna say something along those lines as well. but the way you said it is quite hilarious
  11. Smack two rocks together and spark that shit Man vs. Wild style
  12. is this a serious question? oh my gah man jus go get a lighter? i doubt theres some secret remedy for folks that dont carry lighters or matches....
  13. Lol @ people saying smack to rocks together.

    You know one of them has to be limestone, right?
  14. You got to run real fast while you're lurking the bowl, go fast enough and it'll ignite.. Don't go too fast tho you don't want to travel through time..
  15. Here's what I do when I need an emergency smoke:

    Grab some toothpicks and a candle. Heat up your stove iron, then light a toothpick on it, and then light the candle with the toothpick. When you wanna hit your bowl, light a toothpick on the candle, then light up your bowl with the lit toothpick. Happy 420! :)
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    Omg I lold so hard at this
  17. this is what i do when my lighter dies - i spray deodorant on to the wick of a candle then just keep sparking my lighter until the deodorant catches fire and lights the candle!
  18. buddi gotta gasolina!
  19. lighters are for people who cant start fires on their own! damnnit! lazy fucks!

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