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How do i know when my seeds sprout?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Stoner Stack, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. This is my set up as is, it's placed in a 10gal fish tank over a mat heater placed beneath a Tupperware bowl to keep in humidity. But since I'm supposed to cover the hole for the seed with the so I can see when it sprouts???

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  2. And it's completely cover from intruding light
  3. youll know theyve sprouted when you hear a series of large booms. When the covering of the seed swells and breaks it sounds like a firecracker. Then when the plants rips itself out of the seed casing, youll hear a loud tearing noise. Dont worry, this is all completely normal :)
  4. When u see something green, that's the plant. What's your plan after you see this.
  5. I have 4, 5gal buckets in a 6x4x4 ft grow cabinet I was going to put them in there I have an led light and 3 2ft veg. Fluorescent tube bulbs and from what I gather (personal trial-N-error in trial)I spray them with purified water (no nutes) for about 2 weeks using a spray bottle, then I guess by then the roots will have reached the nute solution below (dwc)

    Here's my set up, still building box though
    And I just threw all the main pieces together for this pic, it's all just waitng on me finishing the build, by tomorrow

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  6. Ok do you have the seeds in a rockwool cube, or some sort of starter cube. Or are they just germ. in a paper towel. Take them out of the fish tank you don't need that.
  7. Ya they're in soaked rockwool, I check them every 12 hours to make sure they are staying moist (using tap water ph 7.6 I know thats terrible but I'm buying the ph balancer next payday) and my heat pad is stuck on the bottom of the tank zilla mini reptile heat pad,(and the glass bottom makes a good temp barrier from getting too hot plus with the bowl over the rockwool/seeds to hold the humidity high
  8. I got ya. As long as you have them covered you don't really have to check them every 12 hours they will be fine. After they sprout what is your plan... those buckets hold a six inch net pot? While you are waiting for the plants, you should do something with that room. Mylar or at least flat white paint will really help a lot. You will need a ph meter, ph up and down. What type of nutes? If this is your first hydro grow get a nute kit something like technaflora recipe for success. It will make you life much easier. I have been using it for years. I have never had a problem. After a few grows then i would experiment, keep it as simple as you can for now. I think you lighting is going to be an issue, what do you have. I grow five plants under two 600 watt hps/mh bulbs. My rule of thumb has been more light the better. But generally 100 watts per plant at a min.
  9. Ya I was gonna finish building the cabinet to put them in and put in foylon/Mylar on the inside. An yea they're 6" net pot lids, I'm gonna put the whole rockwool with the seed and all (is that right) in the net pot under about 2" of clay pellets and the led and fluorescents are for vegetative, by the time they bloom I'll have more to spend, also put a fan for air circulation and a cover over the buckets with 3" holes drilled over each bucket for the stem to grow through and line it to reflect light upwards while Also semi-light proofing the bottom buckets and tubing system
  10. Fill the net pot up with the hydroton to about two inches from the top. Place the cube in the middle of the pot and fill in with more hydroton. You can do this once you see the tap root growing out the bottom of your rockwool. I don't understand what your talking about drilling three holes and all that. Look at my widow grow you will see the clones I have in there net pots. The white cubes are sure to grow just pretend its your rockwool. There's a pic on there showing my bucket system, without the feeding tank that's all you really need.
  11. I always just germ my seeds in a wet paper towel. Put the seeds in the paper towel and then a ziplock bag. Put it somewhere dark and warm. I have been putting them in front of my heaters. Check on the seeds once every 12 hours. You want to see a little taproot before you transplant. Get when a little longer and then transplant into soaked rock wool. Put in a humidity dome for a couple days and then take out. After the 2 days you should have a sprout with 2 leaves. It is good to keep these in a humidity dome until you can see the second set of leaves coming in. Then transplant the rock wool to clay pellets in a net pot and get in the hydro!
  12. May I SideButt!!
    I Always Use Wet Toilet paper right out of the bathroom!! Keep it moist and in darkness.(dresser drawer etc) some place like that. And 3-4 days you will see nice with heathy pre-root
  13. I do to, but they will be fine in the rockwool. I wouldn't mess with them let them do what they got to do.
  14. So I went in and checked on my babies and my amnesia haze and cannalope kush have Both sprouted, I was gonna wait till the other 2 sprouted also to move them to the initial set up, or when is the best time to move them?

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  15. I usually wait for the second leaf set to come in to put in the main grow but need light before that =) Grats on the sprouts this is where all the fun begins.
  16. So I should go ahead and get light over them?
  17. That is just my method. Once they sprout I put them under a 16 watt CFL bulb for a couple days. I leave them in a humidity dome in the rock wool under the 16 watt until the next set of leaves come in and you can see the first blades. They are usually strong enough to be added to a hydro system once they have that new set of leaves. I put in a weak nute solution at this point but a lot of people do pure water for seedlings. I aim for a 300-350 ppm solution of nutes.

    Also I use ghetto humidity domes, just old glass spagetti jars, peanut butter jars, really any glass jars. Put the rock wool in the cap and then seal and you have an instant humidity dome to put under lights.
  18. Awesome, so when u say next set of leaves do you mean the left ones or do they need 2 more leaves after those

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  19. I usually mean when you have 4 leaves is when is a good time. When the nice blades come out.
  20. That's why I gathered but yea here's a couple days passed by

    And the tank pic is my set up as is, using a 6700k fluorescent light and thought I would put the 3 trays in for shots and giggles, either those or nothing

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