How do I know when it's ready to harvest?

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  1. Okay, forgive me because i'm almost a total weed noob, but my veteran friend claims you can get high off ditch. I'm prepared to try it especially since I'm a lightweight. I found a few ditch plants growing in the grove by my house- how do I know when they are ready to harvest? They are budding and have little pods mixed in with a whitish hairy looking growths... which I assume means it's ready? Afterwards is it as simple as drying and curing? sorry for sounding like a total idiot! Thanks for the help!
  2. Well I'm pretty sure all you will get is a headache. I'm ready to be corrected though.
  3. this might be a stupid question but i have been a big smoker for many years now and i have never heard of ditch. so what is ditch?

  4. Ditch weed, wild growing weed.
  5. How often do you see that....

    They're ready to harvest when the trichomes are abour 50% amber and 50% milky. You can tell by using a pocket microscope on either a leaf really close to the bud or the bud itself. Earlier than that, you lose potency, but you also get more of a head high, and later than that, you get more of a body high. But be careful - if you go too far in either direction (i.e. too late or too early) you may get nothing of note.
  6. nice copy and paste from somewhere looks like it haha.
    to make it simpler because you probably don't want to spend money on that shit, just check when the hairs are mostly brown where they used to be white.
  7. No sorry hairs are in accurate and a pocket scope is $10.
  8. Lol, I know it looks it, but I try not to plagurize intentionally.

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