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How do I know what kind of weed I'm buying?

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by lauracatriona, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Sorry, I'm a rather inexperienced smoker.

    How do I know what type of weed I'm buying? Right now I'm not buying from any one specific person, just whoever happens to be willing to sell. They don't usually know the type.

    Also, which types give you the best high? (If you know how much that type will sell for in Ontario, that would be perfect.

    Thank you!
  2. Probably not a good idea to buy from someone who doesn't even know what they're selling. lol. But, if you're buying mids buy in large quantities because mids are essentially your "run of the mill weed." If you're buying chronic, for example, about a gram will be enough to last an apprentice toker as yourself a few days.
  3. and I'm in central ind. and a gram of chron here costs me around 20-25$. hope that helps.
  4. You don't.... But if you like what you're smoking ask for it next time from the same dealer...
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    SATIVA - The sativa strains of weed are usually more fluffy and "soft" than it's "Indica" counterpart. The sativa strain offers a more clear headed "mind" high. You can often tell that your mind is mostly unimpaired, and what you experience is physical sensations (feelings of (painless) pressure inside head, feathers on face, floating in water etc) and a rush of energy that makes you want to do something like shower or exercise. You may feel like:
    -you have the mind of a higher entity (such as whatever god you believe in or feeling like a universal consciousness)
    -you are very (or even inhumanely) intelligent
    -you are remarkably focused on your current task
    -you believe you have psychic powers or other abilities

    INDICA - When people smoke(or other means of ingestion, obviously) they get high. But when you smoke Indica buds, you will be "stoned" instead of "high". No, this doesn't mean that Indica offers a more powerful or enjoyable high than the Sativa strains. Indica buds are usually more dense and "hard" or rocklike than their Sativa counterpart. The Indica strain offers a more spacey and body high, rather than mind. For newer smokers such as yourself, your sense of time and space, and your usual perceptions and thoughts will be dramatically altered while under the influence of Indica weed. Expect these effects:
    -feeling as if you are unable to move or are enjoying yourself too much to move (known as couchlock)
    -audial hallucinations which can vary to polyponic tones to the sound of space ([ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKbuGQtnnDA]The Sound Of Space - YouTube[/ame] is a great example of the sound and similar to what I may hear)
    -if the dose is large enough, you can control virtually any sensations you feel (e.x., you can make yourself feel like there's water running down your back, feet being tickled, laying in water, making your legs feel like they're spinning, etc)
    -visual distortion (things may look larger or smaller, closer or farther)

    Hybrid strains are a cross of Indica and Sativa, and can be 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, 3% Indica and 97% Sativa, 50% Indica and Sativa, or any other ratio of both.

    When chlorophyll captures sunlight, the pigment of the buds are green. When zanaphyll captures sunlight, it’s red. When either there is a lack or not enough oxygen for the plant, or when the zanaphyll is dominant over the chlorophyll, the bud of the plant will vary to purple - red and the hairs may or may not change color. Color of the bud has nothing to do with quality.

    KUSH - Kush sometimes refers to high quality weed, when it actually has nothing to do with quality, rather it implies certain plant genetics. Other terms like "fire, chronic, dank, hydro" are just used to make their weed sound flashier - you yourself must determine the quality.

    TLDR - "How do I know what type of weed I'm buying?" If you want an Indica, Sativa, hybrid, or "commercial name" strain, ask your dealer for it! If your dealers don't know what these mean you need to find a new one.
    "Also, which types give you the best high?" - The only real way to know for yourself is to experiment with them. I prefer the most potent Indica I can get.
  6. There's no way to tell the strain just by looking at it. Even if you had a consistent dealer, they usually lie about the strain because even they don't know. Unless you know who grew it you probably don't know the strain most of the time.
  7. There are certain strains that have notable characteristics...more so than can be judged on here by picture alone, that help give you an idea. Smell, feel...and of course, taste.

  8. Lolz :hello:

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