How do i know if should ask this girl out

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  1. I know i probably know the answer but there is this girl a year younger then me that I've liked quite a lot for a while. Unfortunately shes been with 2 of my good friends in the past year and a half or so and that's probably whats kept me from really talking to her more. That and I'm not good with girls. But one of my friends just broke up with her and hooked up with her friend and she knows about it. So i'm like whatever, if if feel like ill be happy talking to her then why not. So how do i know if she even has slight feelings for me? I'm not even going to ask how to ask her out because i figure i have to figure some **** out on my own. I'm 18 and shes 17.

    I didn't want to post this in GC but whatever, potheads give great advice these days.
  2. Pull up your big-boy britches and ask her.:cool:

  3. It's true, i just can't find it in me.
  4. if i fuck a girl, like it, and continue doing it.. i might ask her out... i ussualy just go along until they say something cuz i dont like rejection it scares me lol.. im not smooth or anything either, besides going out is overrated...
  5. Just act cool and ask her out. The way people view you is their reality of you. If you just casually go "Hey so I was thinking you and me should totally catch a movie sometime" she'll just think "oh man, he's so suave and sexy, I can't wait to touch his penis".
  6. ask your friends first before you get punched in the face. he just slept with one of her friends probably because he still has feelings for her.

    and im sure she would jump at the oppourtunity to sleep with one of his friends for revenge.

    its a slut fuck slut world out there
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    Been with a bunch of friends-of-friends within a year?! Sounds like a hoe to me.

    ... I'd go for it.

    She'll probably want to fuck one of your friends within a month or so, though.
  8. idk if its the music or your comments but i'm getting pretty motivated to do this. It's funny because it seems like a big deal to me but really i understand why it doesn't have to be.
  9. *cough*

    homie hopper..

    *cough* :laughing: she sounds like a homie hopper :p
  10. Just don't get attached, dude.
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    Yeah that's a reason i told myself i wouldn't even try and get with her, because i noticed the "homie-hopping" i guess, but damn i know one of them doesn't give a shit and the other one wanted her friend and she told me she got them together right after they broke up. So it kind of just hit an old switch that i never turned on in the first place.

    I doubt she likes me but ima have to give it a shot.
    ....^this word sucks but i still write it...
  12. Nut up and shut up bro! Get sum!!!!1!
  13. just see if she wants to hang out one night. if she says yes, when you hang out with her hit on her a little and see how she responds. If shes laughing at your shitty jokes, making eye contact etc. then shes interested. Dont rush it though. Being over aggressive often scares girls away.
  14. so shes already been with 2 of your friends?...


  15. Yes, unfortunately.
  16. does she cheat on her bfs? Ask your homies why they arnt still together. that'll give you all the answers you need bro. Dont date a whore, its asking for a heartbreak

    -Speaking from expierence

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