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How do I know if my bud is laced when I smoke it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GK420, May 12, 2011.

  1. I've heard all of the "light a bit before you smoke it" stuff but this one goes out to those of you who've smoked laced bud before. I wanna know what to look out for in a small high after smoking a small bit of pot that's laced. I know I'm probably just worrying too much but I've only ever bought off one dealer since I started smoking "often" and my friends' dealers, so trying new dealers makes me a bit wary. When I say laced, I mean with stuff like cocaine just to make it clear lol.
  2. It's never laced.
  3. Why would someone put expensive ass cocaine into your gram that you're paying 20 bucks for?
  4. Look at it very closely. If you see small grains of someting then it's probably laced. Just make sure that you dont get it mixed up with the crystals or hairs
  5. 99 times out of 100, it's NOT going to be laced with a drug. Rather, it will be laced with glass powder/shards or something else thats cheap and heavy.
  6. You assume it's not laced and smoke it. If it is, enjoy the ride :smoke:
  7. Nobody laces bud, that's how you tell. And if it were laced with cocaine I would smile and smoke my cocopuff.
  8. I wouldn't worry about a dealer lacing your weed. Why would he give you 2 drugs for the price of one?
  9. Haha. No shit... Common sense in the field of economics says "Don't give a drug that is three times as expensive to someone who doesn't want it for free" haha. Not to mention, if you don't like your "laced" bud, would you still go to him? Now adding glass or sand or something to it makes more sense, to add weight...
  10. My dealer was gonna give me some buds with coke on them once (he told me obv), so saying "why would they lace it?" just avoids the question. And the reason a lot of messed up dealers would lace it is the same reason some dealers give you the first bag of crack for free lol.

  11. lol yep, that's what I been doing so far.
  12. The closest thing your going to get to laced bud is getting bud in a bag that had yak in it it before. Happened to me before, made the indica buzz turn into a sativa buzz :smoke:

    But other than that no ones gonna lace your fuckin bud man
  13. I've seen laced bud once, and it was pretty easy to notice, but the dumbass who tried smoking me up, ran for like 45 minutes straight back to his house (PCP) and had the worse headache ever, but hes alive lol

  14. yeah that PCP shit sounds messed up; I've never heard of a single person who's enjoyed it.
  15. Yes, I all too wondered what would prevent someone from lacing it ? (for whatever reasons) maybe it was meant for someone else and your in the wrong place, wrong time.

    Why should I (or you) put your health, life and limb in someone elses care , that is only out there making a buck to sell you something that you don't know where it comes from or its contents
  16. Just remember the common rule, 99% of the weed you smoke is laced. The other 1% is oregano.
  17. Because the news only reports the bad incidents. PCP is a bad drug but the media has made it basically the 'devil' drug, when in reality there are actually tons of people who enjoy its dissociative effect.
  18. I have been at a house party and accidentaly partaken in a chevy (what we call a dirty blunt around my parts) my whole face went numb immediatley, kinda like a serious gummer, and i was of course zooted up the ass in my mind bouncing off the walls, not really sure how i was to other people though.
  19. these damn threads . gets annoying .

    but check out the stickies . they have some links you can look into for laced bud .
  20. You'll definitely know...way different high than a normal one. But the chance of your marijuana being laced is slim to none. Dealers would actually lose money lacing weed with more expensive drugs like coke and such. Why would dealers wanna lose money? Also, don't mistake a low tolerance for 'laced' weed.

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