How do I know if it's working, the vaporizer

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  1. Hi all,
    I have an AGO pen vaporizer. I can turn it on by pressing the little button 5 times. However, if I hold the button down to vape anything after it's on, the coil glows for a few seconds, then stops glowing...ergo, I can't vape anything. I have two chambers one for herb, one for shatter. They both exhibit the same behavior. Obviously, I have never used a vape pen before so I don't know how it's supposed to work.

    Can you help me figure out if the battery is wonky or I am not using it correctly.

  2. Do the two batteries share the same charger?
  3. You'd know because you'd get visible vapor, without smoke or burned herb.

    I don't know how yours is, but I've yet to hear about a good pen stye vape for dry herb. They can sometimes do concentrates alright, but often burn dry herb, or just don't vape it well at all.

    If you don't have a great experience, don't give up on vaping. Look into the E-Nano, S&B Mighty, etc., beforehand.
    I'd drop by the fuckcombustion forum, as well. Great advice there.
  4. Pax, second only the S&B volcano for dry herb. For wax, yocan makes an actually good pen
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  5. Thanks for the replies. However, I was more referring to the question, should the coil glow then fade out if I am pressing the button? In other words, I keep my finger on the button (after the pen is on) and the coil glows then goes out even though my finger is still pressing the button. Is that "normal" behavior?
  6. Yes. Most cheap pens go off after 10 secs or so. Time it, if the time is the same every time it’s the auto shut off
  7. I bought a yocan evolve and hated it. No temp adjustment and it heated up too much. Tasted horrible
  8. How long of a timer does it have?
  9. It doesn’t work because u bought a piece of crap. With vaporizers ya get what ya pay for that vaporizer is what 50$ ? I’d do some research before your next purchase I have boundless paid 130$ for it been goin strong for 3 years not one problem.
    There’s a lot of others on the market that are good I’m sure others will chime in and let ya know. Only plus is it was cheap lesson learned.
  10. Pax 2 is a great dry herb vape.
  11. Yocan just tastes like wax, it’s basically a high temp dab. If you want to lower it, use the yocan atomizer on different battery with a lower voltage. The normal battery is 3.8-4.2 v I think

    The gpen nova atomizer at 8 watts on a ecig battery give a much milder hit. Also candy pen crystal but in the end the wax makes the biggest difference
  12. That wasnt my problem. It would start off tasing great but would always burn and end up tasing horrible. Got a different vape and the problem stopped. I just didn't like the yocan
  13. Which vape did you end up liking?
  14. A couple I've tried. Hell the cheap no name gas station vape I bought after getting tired of wasting product was better. I bought the yocan on a whim without looking at reviews. After purchasing it I saw a lot of complaints online about temp
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    Personally after going over the yocan, the apx wax, the gpen (both the terrible original and the nova), the kandypen crystal, the S&B plenty, volcano and countless dab rigs currently there are basically 2 types of “dab pens” this does not include the puffco peak which is to me is a really nice battery powered dab rig. It’s awesome but like a dab rig you aren’t using it in public.

    For pens, there are coil and coiless options. Coiless options (gpen nova and kandypens etc) are great for conserving consentrate and are sorta like those crack tanks people love. On the down side they just don’t hit that hard.

    Then you have devices like the yocan and apx wax which have nearly identical coils. Apx has temp setting (aka variable voltage battery) yocan has cheap coils and all metal design but really they’re both the same shit on a dif battery. These things hit hard but also waste wax, have coils and need to be burned off and cleaned with alcohol. Also they aren’t water filtered, you are basically using an electric dab pipe. It hits hard, take small rips.

    In the end a dab pen will never be a dab rig. Dr dabber tried with those dumbass water filters but again no one can use those in public so they didn’t sell. If you want a dab rig buy one or a puffco, if you want a public use device you have to live with some drawbacks

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