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How do I know if it's smokers cough?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by The3rdNipple, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. I've started smoking near october of last year and I'm on and off. I usually wait weeks to months before I smoke. But lately (last 2 or 3 months) I've been doing it quite a lot, well actually a few times a week (which is a lot to me). And now that I'm on spring break, I've been doing it almost everyday and now I'm starting to cough every now and then.

    I was sick a few days ago with a sore throat and now I'm coughing and I'm not sure if it's a smokers cough. It's only been a few days so I'm not quite sure.
  2. I doubt it its most likely due to your cold.
  3. You have definitely not been smoking long enough to develop smoker's cough.
  4. I would recommend a bubbler or vaporizer if the sore throat is bothering you.
  5. You know its smokers cough when.. you have smoked for a LONG time. And really depends what you smoke as well. For myself, 15 years of weed and tobacco mixed means I will indefinately choke if I take too big of a hit. You my friend do not have smokers cough, but what you might have is bad quality meds.

    And ya, when Im sick, hell I cant even take a mini hit without coughing a lung. So I just stay away till I feel better. That goes for cigs too. Good idea on a vape Dreams, that might just be what you need. Not everyone has the same capacity. I tell a lot of patients dont be overzealous. It will hurt in the end :wave:
  6. weed is probably helping with your cold. it is an expectorant that helps clear lungs of phlegm and unwanted goop
  7. Ever since i started smoking, i've never had a cold, stomach virus, or any ailment for more than a day. If you eat heathy weed is like super medicine

  8. I second this. It also dries your nasal passages.
  9. Nah, it'll take a few years of strong usage to develop a cough.

    Regarding your cold: If your nose is all stuffy, take a bong rip and exhale through it. Repeat a few times if its that bad, then go try to blow your nose. It works, I swear.
  10. this is like thinking your liver will give out after a shot of whiskey lol.. man up ;)
  11. I've got a smoker's cough and it sucks but yeah, I enjoy smoking too much to quit.
    A smoker's cough is really deep and mostly comes with a lot of slime, yeah it's not pretty.

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