how do i know if i have roots....

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by richirich_99, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I have 6 clones, 3 from each of my two mother plants. I cut them 2 days ago. I know they wont have roots for 7-14 days, i put them into 100% perlite with water, and but in a dome. What i want to know is will i be able to see the roots thru the bottom of the botlles i have or if i pull them out to see, and they dont have roots and i put them back, how bad is this for them, will they still root or will it kill them? Thank guys. sorry hope this make sense, im baked!
  2. Be patient ..... a watched clone never roots.

    Yes you will eventually be able to see the roots without having to pull them out, but this may take 2 weeks+.

    What type of rooting solution did you use?
  3. I used rootone rooting hormone with fungicide.

  4. Great, just keep the babies under low light, make sure they don't dry out, daily tell them how beautiful they are, and a few weeks from now you should have some new plant stock to work with !!
  5. i have them about a foot away from 2 26 watt soft white cfls. is that too much light? should i change out the 2 26 watt ones for 2 15watt cfls? Thanks for all the help!

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