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How do i know how high i am?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushMonster001, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. How do i know how high i am? Any tips?
  2. Music, depending on how high you'll hear every detail of a song. You're too high when you can literally hear your thoughts in your ears.
  3. If you can't feel it you prolly didnt inhale
  4. listen to don't fear the reaper by the blue oyster cult.... the louder the cowbell is the higher you are
  5. If this set speaks to you, you are a nice amount of high :)

    [ame=]The Milk Carton Kids: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert - YouTube[/ame]

    (love these guys)

    This too:
  6. youll know your high when things start feeling and looking different then usual :)
  7. experience
  8. If you smoke and you are not high then you are doing it wrong, being high should be obvious IMO.

    If that sounds rude, it's not meant to. :)
  9. When your high you'll know your high.
  10. So I have several methods and some may be considered dangerous so use your brain.

    1. When driving through fog if you feel like you have to dodge the water vapor then you are about a 7/10 highness. If you actually dodge the water vapor you are about an 8/10 highness.

    2. If you look at the tops of a tree line and see outlines of awesome things your imagination creates you are between a 4-6/10 highness

    3. If the room starts to spin (ever so slightly) you are a 9/10 highness and should stop smoking. If the room spins like crazy then you are billion out of 10 high and you will either vomit or pass out soon (depending on how strong your stomach is.

    4. If you have a conversation about the bullshit of weed being illegal in whatever state you're in (mine is Florida so you can only imagine the conversations I've had) then you are a 5/10 high and still able to hold rational conversations.

    5. If you have insane cottonmouth it does not mean you are "ridiculously high" it means you are a "novice toker" and are not drinking water ORRRRRR you aren't breathing in the smoke quite right yet. It also means you've taken at least 3 hits of weed which would indicate (depending on what you are hitting out of) anywhere between 3/10 - 7/10.

    6. Slight "funny" feeling in the head is between a 1-3 highness.

    7. If you can constantly eat food with no regard to how your stomach feels and still maintain the highness level you are at then my friends and I call that the 11/10 high.

    If you don't dodge water vapor when you are high or talking about bullshit illegal weed or looking at tops of tree lines for roadrunner running away from Coyote TnT man then associate something similar and it will probably be roughly the same thing.

    As a side note this is all coming from a lightweight who only needs like .2 to be "KO'd" if I smoked a .3 of anything that is not regs I get the spins (unless it is my second or third time smoking that day).

    As a second side note this is from weed that is slightly indica dominant vs. sativa so if you are smoking straight sativa or straight indica I wouldn't know where to begin to explain different highnessess. PZZZZ

    I hope this is what you were looking for.

  11. How do you know how drunk you are? Same thing bud ;)

  12. I laughed the entire way through this completely sober so i would say this got me a buzz :p thanks for this it made my day lolol
  13. "if you have to ask you'll never know"- Angelica Pickles
  14. You'll know. The first few times I smoked, I didn't know whether or not I was high. I thought I felt it a little bit and I wondered if that was all it was (I was definitely inhaling correctly).

    After that, I knew. You'll know. Everything is better.
  15. juss get smacked, bowl after bowl, get completely fucked up, shit faced, then you'll officially fucked up and know how it feels. get it son!!!
  16. which is exactly why if you laugh at it straight through you're pretty high.
  17. #19 Macnub, Jan 13, 2013
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    I'm high and had the same opinion as him sadly.

    Didn't someone make a 1-10-high-scale chart?

    E: [​IMG]
  18. yes i agree with both of you. Bad sarcastic answer i guess.

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