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How do I install a screen on a glass bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gregster221, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Plain and simple. I can't figure out how to push it in or which hole to do so.
  2. Well make sure there is enough resin in the pipe to make the screen stick. But you put it into the bowl
  3. Word. Stick the screen in the spot that you put the green. If its a fresh glass pipe than you are gonna have trouble trying to get the screen to stay and its going to move around, If its resigned up a bit it will hold the screen so much better.
  4. uh...isn't there only one hole on a bowl? Haha.

    just shove it in there. might be hard to get it to stay in at first on some glass bowls, but just try to wedge it until it gets all ressed up - then it won't budge.

    smoke on

    edit : 2 above me pretty much nailed it, heh
  5. If you bought the screen because you know what it's purpose is how do you not know where it goes..
  6. You can purchase "glass" screens, don't use metal ones. All you have to do is drop a glass screen into the bowl, no need for pushing or anything. Basically they are glass jacks.

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  7. Yeah and they are like a dollar per glass screen, fuck that.
  8. ^^^^^THIS
    Putting a metal screen in a glass bowl defeats the purpose of having a glass bowl in the first place!

  9. But they last forever:rolleyes:
    so its a better deal than the metal ones which dont last very long.

    Glass screens FTW!
  10. Get a fucking job then...

    LMFAO @ $1
  11. A dollar?! I get mine for free every time i go to my local headshop. And the only time i ever did pay for one, it cost me 45 cents!
  12. i use glass screens too. I have star shaped ones that sit flat in the bowl Works the same, not a $1 for 10 though like metal screens...

    Its been said already too. Glass + metal = not glass hit. so whats the point?
  13. Haha "install". I found that utterly hilarious.:laughing:

    Ok, bend the screen in a bowl like shape, place the it in the bowl and then push it down a little lightly.

    I dont think you can get it to sit in there tightly so you're just going to have to make sure you don't tip it over.
  14. Get flexible screens if possible and just shove it in so that it takes a bowlish shape. Not alot of people use screens for glass but I do, I think its gives it a more even burn, and you don't eat ash or old bud.

  15. Word -

    I don't even use a screen in my spoon though.
  16. pebbles are safe and free just look in your shoe. no need to pay for a glass one.
  17. HaH!!! Old school. I used to do that back in the day.
  18. Got u bro. Do what I did. Bought a fresh bubbler, and I didn't want any ash or grime to get inside. So I applied some wax (any kind of dab) in the bowl and the metal screen stuck nicely to the walls with it. Worked well and tasted even better

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