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How do I hit a dab properly?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fullsnack, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. So I have this rig I got for $70 and it has a dome attached on the side, I've been fiddling with where to put the nail's height and how long the nail is heated and where in the nail i take the dab. Sometimes I get some decent dabs but it seems I'm wasting way more than I consume. I've only gotten a full hit on this piece a couple times other times I can only get part of it while the rest seems to go up in smoke. Help a concentrate noobie out? Right now I have the nail at the height in the images and I heat the nail in an angle upwards for about 25-30 secs with my jettorch, I wait about 5-7 secs to take the dab and tend to dab it on the side of the nail opposite I heated. Last dab was decent but I feel I still wasted some, help an apprentice toker out?:(

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  2. i feel like that piece is waaaay too tall, unless the picture is throwing me off.
  3. It's about a foot, maybe 13 in?

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  4. before i got a correct oil rig, i was hitting dabs out of a 12" MIO beaker, and was getting wispy, weak, almost airy hits because the piece had too much air in the chamber. sometimes felt like i was wasting it because i wouldnt see much build up the neck, i tasted it but didnt see alot on the exhale. grab yourself a much smaller rig and it will change everything. my beaker is now clean and back to a flower piece.
  5. Its supposed to be for concentrates but idk info on it but look at the glass tube thing that holds the nail that's why I think it may be an oil rig but I'm either using it wrong or it's a bad generic one. I feel ya on the smaller rig idea its been on the back of my head now for a while

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  6. I would lower that nail a bit so it is below the intake.  my guess is you got that used and it was only $70 because it prob. doesn't work that great the way it is set up to pull vapor from above the nail.  Most pull straight down over and around the nail.  but try lowering it and getting it hotter.  how hot is personal preference usually though.  Also get those power lungs going.
  7. Idk what the tube thing is called

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  8. Todderfran bout how much lower should I put the nail and how much heat do I give it? I was getting it red hot but I've lately been stopping at 30 secs when its turning red or been turned for a couple secs then I wait a couple more to take the dab on low temp. Thing i noticed in the last dab though, I first dabbed it a bit on the side opposite I heated but when I tried dabbing it there again a couple secs afterwards it was too cold so I had to vape it on the other side but then that got too cold after a bit too

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  9. looks like that oil rig is a pos. your trying to inhale the smoke comming from the nail on the side. where as a normal oil rig would have the nail and the done in/ontop of the stem.[​IMG]
  10. Yah that seems like a really inefficient piece
  11. I don't even dab and the whole idea for that piece seems kinda like a joke to be honest.
  12. Crazykid that's what I'm saying I thought it was weird the dome was attached and on the side. Tokeup and wizard yeah i feel where you dudes coming from but i think it's inefficient because It's generic not because the idea i've seen a couple other like these by glassblowers, mind you by couple I mean 2. Guess I'm going on a trip to the head shop tomorrow :(

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  13. good luck man, my best advice would be to buy a new one!
  14. Where did you get this from? Take this pic and ask the guys at the local head shop. You may need a new need to wasting your dab rips!

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