How do I handle situation with a psycho bitch?

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  1. So I've made a huge mistake. I wanted to get laid a few months back so I talked up an ugly 18 year old chick that seemed easy (haha). So at my place one day a few months back i was hanging out with her and i rolled a joint, she was totally cool with it and so took a few hits herself and was cool about it.
    When I moved on to fuck her then I soon found out she was a virgin. Now I thought this girl understood it was only a fuck but suddenly she calls me up and wants to meet again. I'm like ok, so we meet once every few weeks to have sex. Everytime i've decided after I've had sex that I will NEVER see this chick again, cause I fucking hate her guts. She's soo stupid on top of that too. I can only stand her when I'm horny, and after I've had sex with her I want to get rid of her asap. So ~three weeks ago we fucked the last time and she slipped an "I love you" during it. I responded with nothing, then the next day she tells me she wants to be with me or she doesnt want to see me at all. So I thought "yes my praryers have been answered" and answer "yes, i think its better we probably dont see each other anymore (some bs not to make her cry over me).
    Thing is she accidentally saw my grow tent 3 weeks ago. She doesnt know shit about anything, again, this chick is the fucking incarnation of stoopidness. I tell her "yea.. I'm growing chilis in there" I think at that time she believed me (My thought was, oh my god you're so stupid girl). During the last three weeks she kept texting me some bs how she is missing me and i answer like "aaw, that's so sweet but you should really continue with your life" (cause i dont want to make her mad because she knows i might be growing and I dont know what this psycho is capable of). So then after around one week of hearing nothing she texts me "call me" I text back "why..?" and she like "just call me now.."
    So i call her in the middle of the night cos shes so pscyho i dont want her to get time to think about any plots, I wake her up and she sounds surprised i call, we talk 30 seconds normally / fun. Then she says "that tent you got.. I know your growing weed" I answer "haha oh you're so funny that might be true.. but thank god they're done in two days and I can get rid of the tent" really playing it cool and light. She continues "You know u dont have to lie to me, im not going to the police or anything.." I'm like "haha yea" trying to keep it light and fun eventho thinking at the same time i fucking wanna punch her in her stupid fucking face. So she says like "ok" or something I quickly change subject into something light and coool cause I fucking have to be really nice to her for atleast two days if she thinking on calling the cops on me. Now remember this chick if the stupidest girl Ive ever met. I can lie about anything and she will pretty much buy it.
    I just dont want to spend one single second with her and now that this happened and I'm also baked as fuck I'm gettinrg really paranoid. Truth is I have 6 plants in first week flower. I will literally be fucked if i get caught. Fucked meaning no jailtime but looking at atleast 10 000 usd fine and criminal register (Ive never had any incident with the law before). Thig i really can not afford because of my job. So wtf should I do, this is my best grow ever and I dont want to stop. But I'm taking a risk when I go play this game. This chick is so fucking stupid that she might be capable of anything and i think she's got a huge crush on me (the one like if she cant get me then she'll at least make me suffer- type).
    Now during the times I had sex with her I always taped everything. I thought maybe if she starts threatening me with telling to the police (I believe she might be capable) I just threaten her back to send the porn videos of her sucking my dick to her mom or maybe all of her facebook friends (of course im not doing this but it might work as a threat)? I think this chick would get really fucking scared of that but then again Idk cause she's so fucking reatarded and hard to read. Stupid women make such dumb moves sometimes that it is impossible to predict whats gonna happen.
    Or should i just keep playing it cool and giving the impression that i really like her for the next ten weeks (stupid sativa taking ages to flower haha) I think I might pull that off but its gonna annoy the living shit out of me, I fucking hate even hearing her voice, thats how much i can not stand this girl.

    I'm baked as fuck and paranoid too, which i normally even dont get. sry for long post..
    btw if you were wondering, yeah, this story is for real :)
  2. I can't solve this for ya bro. is the weed good enough to be miserable with this bitch for another 10 weeks? and can you keep her from blabbin her mouth about your tent for that long also? safest thing to do is get rid of all the evidence i suppose.. last resort obvoiusly though.
  3. I'm not trying to be a dick but I think you would get better responses in the SL&R section.

    Also breaking up your text would make it easier to read.
  4. shit, what a predicament. it's kind of crazy, but i think this might work as long as she doesnt know your friends. tell her you're gay. say you've been unsure for a long time but now you're ready to admit it to yourself or whatever. say you still want to be friends, hang out with her every couple weeks until your grow's finished, then forget about her.
  5. You should fake your death.
  6. Simple, time to pack it up.

    Quit talking to the girl and see if she calls the po-po on ya.
  7. Its obvious what you have to do.

    You have to kill her.
  8. haha, actually crossed my mind :D

    but i guess imma do what do montreal said.. :)
  9. Tell us how it goes

  10. get with her but tell her you want to take it slow. go to the movies with her because its dark and she wont talk to you. do that once a week adding a little face time. and in 10 weeks after you have harvested and cured your goods tell her its not working out and dump the bitch. you have your weed and the porn of her and she doesnt know where it is and has no proof for the cops.

    just what i would do

  11. this.

    or, tell her you can still fuck but you need to focus on other shit, then perform so bad in bed she has to ask about it, then say 'idk what it is but its not working for us,' she cant get mad if you blame the breakup on your little guy, you can act like its worse for you. This is shitty though, it sucks lying to people who are in love...
  12. play along, wait for the plants to ready, move the plants to an undisclosed location tell her its over, wait.
  13. Whoawhoawhoa You taped yourself having sex with this chick?

    Ni$$a you is sketchyyyyy.
  14. I know you may not want to, but keep on fucking the shit outta her until your grow is done, then all is good and tell her to go fuck herself after. And then go and smoke a fat blunt of your nice grow. :D :smoke:

  15. women...they give you headaches dont they...
    and after you got your weed, get one of your friends to pretend to go out with you, and be like "i discovered my true self, i am now fabian, im gay, i just couldnt work it out, i like you as someone i can explain all my problems too, and if your not cool, ill tell your mum you lick balls for take my leather jacket with gold buttons, get it dry cleaned, only the best, and fix up your hair, you look like pamala anderson being dragged backwards through the desert by angry monkeys,..." (after smoking 10 cones)

    :) girls like her give cool stoner girls like me a bad name... lol

  16. Haha this made me lol
  17. :) i heaps more ideas, crazy, eccentric and guaranteed to work.

    i could dress up as a professional tarot card reader(with my ebay $2.76 from korea tarot cards) read her "star signs" and tell her a man is looking for you, a handsome man, who is a virgin, by the name of...oh wait..were out of time..more money (; ...hehehe then! with that money i can actually hire a hit man for you :) and we can celebrate with BONGS!
  18. just bang her till your shit is done growing then clean up shop for a little bit. Cmon man, sometimes ya gotta take one for the team! HAhahaha listen to your gut bruh.
  19. Your gonna have to go out with her for a little.

    But start asking/talking about anal. Start getting real into it. Try and get her tO try it. Afterwards, start getting real, REAL into it. Ask her about toys. Ask her About buying toys. While buying toys, ask if she wants to give you anal.

    She'l either say yes, which then you gotta try anal lol, or ask why your so into it all Of a sudden. Respond with saying you've always been into it, and you always thought guys were kind of cute. A week or two later, call her up and have a discussion with her involving your life "partner". Break it off nice and slow.

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