How do I handle a noise complaint??

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  1. Okay, so I have the occasional party at my apartment. I'm usually really respectful about my neighbors and I try my best to keep the noise down. I have never in my life had the cops called on me until last night! I was mildly intoxicated, all the people not 21 ran into my bedroom haha, but I just want to know what to and what not to say! I was really nice to the cops, complied, they just explained to me what the situation was, I thanked them, and they left. Regardless, some guy at my place was saying that you don't let them into your home, he said something like "if they ask, ask them if you're legally obligated to and when they say no, respectfull decline." Is that true? Also, if they ask you to step outside, will they arrest you for being drunk in public? I hope this is in the right section also, I'm brand new here!

    Thanks in advance for all the advice too! Also, I live in california if that makes any difference.
  2. Your friend was right, they need your permission to enter the house unless they have a legal reason to enter (and a noise complaint doesn't qualify). If they enter you could get in trouble for the underage drinkers, so don't let them in (but be polite, obviously).

    And I really doubt that they would charge you for public intoxication if they asked you to step outside, but if you're visibly drunk, tell them you don't want to leave your house for that reason. They can't compel you to commit a crime.
  3. Okay, awesome! I need to remember this for if it ever happens again!! I also heard about the calling ahead for large parties, but this was originally like a 3 man get together. Also, my upstairs neighbor actually thanked me today for staying so quiet last night! But I could literally throw a rock and hit the police station, haha. And I will definitely keep that in mind also, from watching enough cops, I've realized that the more honest and up front you are with police, the nicer and more relaxed they are.

    Any other good advice of things not to do/say? Thanks!!!
  4. If you can figure out who called the police it would probably be nice to go over there and apologize and say if it ever gets out of hand again to just come by and knock and tell you to keep it down.

    As for the cops, make sure all underage (and majority of people) to go into a separate bedroom and close the door. Try to hide anything incriminating that is weed related that can be seen from the front door (bongs, vapes, etc) doesn't matter about the beer though. Just stay at the door the whole time and if they ask if they come in say you would feel uncomfortable with them entering your house without a warrant but say you will comply with anything else. For noise complaints it's very common and cops usually come there to tell you to quiet down, not make any arrests. Because remember, cops are lazy too, and don't want to arrest and write a long report instead of just give a warning.
  5. Yeah, I was considering writing apology letters to my neighbors, I have no idea who called though! I had all my windows open, and that's probably why we seemed so loud! Next time, windows closed, a/c on! I didn't even have music playing on my sound system! I already gave my upstairs neighbor my number and an apology letter for last weekend, although she didn't say anything, didn't complain, or anything, I found out that I had been really loud and she appreciated the apology and consideration.

    And thank you so much for the advice!! That really helps. And that actually makes a ton of sense too, they don't want to arrest anyone. I was super nice and compliant, and told them they could come in (I was actually pretty nervous I didn't really pay attention to what I was saying) but he looked in, probably saw my hookah (just tobacco) and I think the fact that I'm a neat freak and my apartment is ridiculously clean helped, he didn't step inside or anything. Thank you guys though! This is really helpful advice!

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