How Do I Grow Dwc Bubble Bucket Without Ppm/ph Meter ?

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  1. ive had succes before without a ppm meter and no phing now im on my second grow with a diffrent nutrient line fox farm trio. it was an jungle juice but i would always get iron defiencys. what kinda yeild can i expect under a 600w hps. temps at 73 one plant vegged for about 8weeks give or take (from seed) ??
  2. you can buy both meters for £:10 each off eBay, just buy the meters. if you get them wrong you can end up with bugger all bud. if you use the meters you can't go wrong
  3. a PH meter or an aquarium ph test kit IS needed if your dwc'ing.
    Ppm/E c Meters help 100% BUT you can get away without one if your not pushing your plants to hard, go half strength and you should be ok if you change water on a regular basis.


  4. thanks for the quick reply grow comunity xD but yes iknow i should buy them but i kinda ran out of budget because i just spent 70 bucks on fox farm nutes and just bought a jewlers loop in ebay for trichs but i fuckeb spaced on the meter. and im already 2 days into flower with a burning bush bit yes it sure would help to have one.? if youve gad any experience with fox farm nutes does it raise or lower the ph ? i live in the pac northwest so my tap water is decent about 7.2 i think. but if it does raise ph would lime work as a ph down?
  5. Here is all the info you need to learn to produce a minimum a pound a plant with a 600 watt light and a bucket.

  6. To answer your question though. Cannabis is a weed. It will grow just about anywhere, in anything. Anybody can grow it but not everyone can grow medical cannabis with large yields, that's the trick! 
    You can grow a plant and never check ph, but your problems, quality, and yields will suck. Ph allows the nutrients to be chemically available to the root zone.
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    cannabis is not a weed, no entire species is a weed. a weed is a plant that is out of place, or unwanted. I want all of my plants, I planted them all so none are weeds.

    you can grow marijuana without checking PH or nutrient strength, and if your lucky they may well survive, but they won't thrive. the law of entropy dictates that you just won't get the conditions perfect and you will lose out on a lot more bud than £20 worth. you didn't need the magnifying glass until harvest week and wow those are expensive nutrients. a range of ionic nutes that will last several average sized grows can be bought for £20.... but it's always too late for "should ofs" .... but if I were you the next time you get 20 bones spend it on the meters, without a nutrient strength meter you can never work out what nutrient strength the plant requires
  8. I used Lucas formula and ph strips for a long time with fine results. Having a ph or ppm meter didnt make much of a difference. If you want to dial in your plants they are cool, but there is a decent range of ppm and sometimes rven ph swings that a plant can handle. A general idea of the ph and a smart feeding plan is all you really need.
  9. another question . if i had to choose bettween a ppm meter and a ph meter which on should i choose ?
  10. another question . if i had to choose bettween a ppm meter and a ph meter which on should i choose ?
  11. I'd have to choose a ph pen first.
  12. scratch that just purchased both : D
  13. I would choose a PH meter because although a plant won't show you when the ppm is spot on, it will show you when it's way out.
    when the PH is out all sorts of difficult to read signs manifest

    well done mate, you won't regret it. if you need help measuring what ppm your plants require at any given stage of their lives, have a look at the link in my signature
  14. In MHO if you want to grow really kick ass weed you need to spend some money,it like every thing else (if you want to build a fast car  you will be askd how much moeny you spend will determin how fast you will go)same here,I am not saying you cant grow some good weed on a budget it way possible,but you still need the right  or basic equpment,a PH pen or meter is a must so is a PPM or EC or TDS meter..
    Even on a budet you can grow some kick ass weed,you just cant jump into a grow,before I started my first grow I built a grow box out of plywood,then saved some money,then made a heating system out of space heaters,saved a little more and bought some T states,then saved and bought an A/C from a yard sale for a cooling system,saved more then bought the supplys to make the plumbing systems pumps and timers,and again saved for supplys,( newts PH ups and downs coco clay pellets),then I saved for seeds,once I had the stuff I needed to get started  then I started growing,
     Also go to the DYI section here, there are tons of great ideas to make all kinds of things you will need,,I made a rez chiller out of an A/c from plans off the DIY and a rez temp controler.....
  15. another question i thought males grew tall and lanky. sitting infront of me i have this bushy ass plant about 2ft wide 1ft and half tall with very tight internodle spacing. long story short i had like 7 plants killed em all on purose cause i had to deal with some heat isusses with the 600w and the only way could keep it cool was with this high powerd fan with a broken oscilater so i got wind burn so it was just frustating as fuck but anyways one if my plants fell behind a plant pot and survived it was in 12 12 lighting i reverted it back to 240 then it showed pre flower while it was in veg at like week 3-4 idk didnt keep track of veg time only flower but now its hugeand not showing preflower and i think i see a very tiny nut starting to grow in but if it is even a nut and all those little thing that are in a v shape on the stem that look like pistil but there not are sticking up so fuck? could it have hermied and even then herms show pistils ? maybe i just have a beasty ass keeper male . is it normal to show preflower on some strains and then later on not ? im in day to of flowrr so ikno tjeres still time but what are ur thoughts and how the hell do i post a pic on her from a mobile phone
  16. Fuck yes !!!! i just found a white hair waste of a long post ( :::
  17. once i get the ph and ppm meters im bout to have fucker dialed in and grow fat ass kolas !!!!

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