How do I go about infusing into e-juice?

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  1. I have two broken, crappy cartridges with plenty of shatter (mixed with e-juice) and a really weak THC & CBD infused liquid. Not being able to use the cartridges and the THC content of the liquid seemingly very low. I was thinking of breaking open the cartridges and saving the contents from inside and then adding it to the weak liquid in hope of making a reasonable decent juice to use. So what would be the best way of going about this? Just mix it in? How can I get it evenly mixed in terms of the shatter? Cheers my dudes/dudettes

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  2. @chron-diddly
    Low heat and or 190 proof ever clear.
    Can try 151 proof if that is all your state allows but it's likely cause some spit back from the water content.
    I use a 1 tablespoon stainless steel measuring tool to heat in. Don't worry about getting the alcohol used as a solvent back out as it really doesn't hurt to vape it being drinking grade alcohol.
    I use high proof alcohol to make tincture from hash and infuse that into my juice and vape it in an RDA.
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