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How do I go about cutting down severely?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Martinsaurusrex, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I've been a toker for about 4-5 years now, and I mean a daily, 1-2g's a day smoker. I originally started smoking for medical purposes (I had terrible stomach issues and couldn't eat), but once those issues went away, it mainly turned into a hobby. Now, I want to cut down quite a bit. I smoke multiple times a day, and I can't go to sleep without it. I know a lot of you guys go on extended t-breaks, so I'd love to know how you go about doing it. Most of my friends toke too, so I need ways to be able to hang out with them and not get faced.


    how do i cut down a lot, and still be able to hang out with friends who blow 8ers a day.
  2. It would be wise to decrease the amount in each session, such as if you do about .5 of a gram a session decrease that to .4 then after about twos days decrease it down to .3 and so on until you can slowly eliminate using. Sleeping will be your biggest problem, I recommend exercising about an hour or two before you go to bed; this will help tire you and your mind out and will help release thc from fat out of your system. You may feel a slight buzz after your workout if thc is released from fat, hopefully this will also aid you in falling asleep.
  3. Good post, except that part. It isn't THC stored in the fat cells, but the metabolites of the various cannabanoids, which at that stage, are inactive in the sense of getting high. Also try to give yourself at least 3 hours from workout to bedtime.
  4. Good point, I should had put cannabanoids. Thanks for clearing that up.
  5. Honestly just go all or nothing. It'll be easier to hang out with friends and just not smoke than try to smoke less than you're used to. Unless of course you have amazing willpower, then just ween yourself down.
  6. Do you have a scale?

    When I found myself blowing way too much $ on weed, I bought a $10 scale off Amazon (it's really good too, it goes to two points like 0.00) and started weighing my daily allowed amount out. I started with .8 I think and went down to .6 and weighed out my shit daily until I was very used to only smoking .6 per day.

    It's really hard for me not to smoke, even for a day so I know how you're feeling. It's about high time for me to take a couple days off. But yeah I recommend weighing your daily allowance out in the morning and going lower until you feel comfy to not toke for a day or two. After you accomplish that, you can try for a week-long t-break, and if you can do that it will make you very happy :)
  7. In your case, I would actually suggest a t-break.

    With your daily habit, your tolerance is probably quite high so simply cutting back won’t give you the desired results. Instead, you may feel frustrated by the exercise.

    A good ‘reset’ will give your body time to re-sensitize to cannabis. When/if you do partake again, you will be starting closer to zero. A little bit will go a long way, and from that starting-point you can moderate your use so that you don’t end up with such a frequent habit.

    To prepare for your break, I suggest you wash out your gear and store it somewhere safe. Out of sight, out of mind. Then find some other activities to do, especially anything you’ve been neglecting. Keep hydrated, go on walks, listen to music, clean your house, work extra shifts, whatever you feel like. Hopefully your friends will support your efforts.

    For best results on a first-time t-break, I suggest trying to take it at least 20-30 days -- or even longer if you feel like it.

  8. Just learn to control your mind and willpower better. I have been in that place also.
  9. You can start by simply waiting longer in the day to smoke your first bowl. Then you can pack slightly smaller bowls. Then work from there
    If you have an issue with self control, find something to do like reading or outdoor activities take your mind off the weed. Thats what I do
  10. just don't buy weed. first you should go on a full break after you smoke whatever you have now. stop smoking for maybe like a month so your tolerance is really low. then just limit yourself to like a gram a week.
  11. flush yoour stash (or smoke it all) then go on vacation somewhere relaxing where you cant smoke...

    then when you come back, apply some will-power

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