How Do I Get The Search Function To Work?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by chuck 706, May 19, 2013.

  1. I can't get the search function to work with either firefox or chrome. What am I doing wrong?

  2. New search function only searches where you're at unless you specify otherwise, so if you're in a thread, it will only search that thread, if on the main page, it will search everything, etc. To specify what you want to search, click the button that says "This topic" inside the search feature and a drop-down will appear. I had the same problem at first, so no worries, my friend!  ^_^ 
  3. Thanks for the answers but none of that will work for me. It won't let me click on anything on the search tab. In any page.I can see the 'search' word in the tab but I can't enter anything and it won't do anything if I click on the search tab.
  4. It is directly related to your browser then. It works perfect on all browsers for me and many other users.
    Try disabling your browser add on's
    It's not my broser add on's. Plus I don't have these problems in any other fourm. It's just since the update in this one.
  6. Try a different browser.
    If you don't follow my suggestions i can't help you 
  8. Are you using a phone or your computer?
  9. I use firefox and/or chrome and they used to work for this fourm just fine and they still work for the other fourms so I guess I'll just hang out in those. Thanks anyway and good luck to you.
  10. Obviously I am new to this it says f***ing "Newbie" right there. But im figuring this thing fairly fast... and im on my phone. If your on your phone in the middle all the way at the bottom of the page there is a link that says "full page". If you click on that then it will take you to the entire site and it is much easier to do a search from there. The search bar is in the center at the top and when you do search chose which type your looking for be that through Blig, Forum, and or the gallery.
  11.  ​
    Bye. bye, I guess?  :wave: Maybe IP.Board just isn't for you. I myself have come to love and enjoy it. :gc_rocks: 
  12. I can use the new search although it sucky but I can not make the new advanced search work it did but then it stopped ???? when I fill out what & where I want to look for then click search it does not do anything ???? anyone else having this issue 
  13. Search works perfectly for me. What browser do you have?
  14. I am using ie9
    tried again today & the advance search still does not work :confused:
  15. Try Chrome/Firefox and see if the issue is resolved.

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