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How do I get the Kief out of my Jar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Frosty_Cola, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. I have a pint mason jar and its GLISTENING with kief. I can't get it out fr the life of me. I tried to put like a big stem or something in it and shake it around to dump it out but that didn't work. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Break the jar? idk man thats a tough one....
  3. Try some ISO alcohol. Pour a bunch in, let it sit for a bit, shake it around, do whatever you have to do. Then pour it out onto a plate and let it fully evaporate, should leave behind a large amount of kief from the jar. I have a jar that's building up some kief; this is what I'm gonna try when it gets enough.
  4. Mason jars are relatively cheap. You could break it and then scrape the kief out with a pack of rolling papers or a credit card...

    But if you intent to save the jar, then my advice would be to rig up a scraping device. Perhaps a pencil with an empty pack of rolling papers taped to it... scrape the kief upwards towards the mouth of the jar and the cardboard pack should pick up most of it. Not all of it, but most of it.
  5. Just make sure if you break the jar that you don't get any small glass pieces in your kief.
  6. Or you could.. not break your jar haha.

    Reminds me of the kid who broke his pipe open to get to the resin, then realized he had no pipe to smoke with.
  7. Heat up something flat and metal (like a metal ruler) and scrape it out - the kief sticks right to it - and then scrape it off onto whatever else you want.
  8. if you rub a plastic rod on your clothes, would kief stick to it cause the rod is charged? that would be fucking awwesome
  9. thanks guys but I dont want alcohol or broken glass in my kief...ill try to scrape it

  10. if you iso it there wont be kief. it evaporates and your left with the good shit.
  11. thats irrelevent becuase u cant smoke out of a jar.
  12. i dissagree once when i was bored i took a small jar and taped a tube to the top and put a hole in the side and made a bubbler it was pretty cool
  13. plastic spoon. its what i use. scrape the corners.
  14. haha touche touche..

    Well, I say rig up some sort of scraping device, don't break the jar, what's the point? Is it the kief really that valueable to break your stash jar?

    Just use a credit card/something to scrape.

    I wouldn't recommend the iso... It just sounds toxic. I wouldn't want to smoke anything that has traces of iso in it X_X

  15. sorry to say, but your way wrong buddy. The iso evaporates, and then your left with your trichs. If this weren't true, then iso hash would probably NOT exist.

    I'd just iso it and get a nice little ball of hash, just put the iso in a small bowl or something.
  16. He is 100% correct. All of the iso evaporates causing there to be none in the kief. Just look at the iso hash guide on this forum somewhere. Do the iso and once it all evaporates, you will be left with the good stuff.
  17. use Isopropl.

    after you dump it out onto some glass it will evaporate relatively quickly. i promise that if you leave the iso/kief solution in a well ventilated room with a lot of surface area exposed (ie in a flat shallow container) the alcohol will evaporate.
  18. You could try taking a nug and wiping the inside of the jar with it then blaze the kief covered buddah
  19. I don't see what the problem here is, honestly. Iso is perfectly safe to use, it's often used to make hash. It completely evaporates, and the only other ingredient is water. No stash jar breaking, no wasted effort trying to scrape out the kief, which depending on your jar might be impossible. Just check the first page of Hashmouf's QWISO sticky if you want proof.

    Breaking open something valuable to get a little something to smoke isn't irrelevant? :confused:
  20. finally someone said this. this is the best thing you can do. leaves your weed even danker, too. hash does the same thing.

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