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How do i get the keef off the side of my stash jar?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crampo1, May 14, 2011.

  1. I've got a small glass jar that I usually keep my stash in. There's some keef thats built up on the inside of the jar, and I want to be able to put it to good use since I'm out of bud :(

    Anyone have any ideas? The opening of the jar is pretty small so I can't get my hand in there to scrape it. I was thinking of just putting some water in the jar, sloshing it around a little bit, and drinking it but I don't know if this will do anything.
  2. I can post a pic of the jar if that helps
  3. Scrape it and tip it out on a desk :) sorry, little baked.
  4. Turn it upside down on a clean table, and bang the sides/ hit the bottom. Proceed to take a library card to scrape all the kief off the table, and then proceed to put that in your bowl.
  5. OR, use iso and let it evap.

  6. This is what I do and would recommend.
  7. i have multiple jars so when they get "gunky" and i'm low on bud i mix them all together and clean the jars this way. Then i have a mix that is topped with some hash/kief.
  8. Heat the jar up and vape it, heh.
  9. Use a small brush, if it's stuck on there, turn the brush around and scrape it with the back. That's what I do, works alright.
  10. i'd use a blade before a brush, imho. Kief gets stuck in bristles.

  11. How do you do that?
  12. Put a little 91% iso in the jar and swirl it around. Pour onto a flat plate and let it evaporate. Warm it a little to speed it up but remember that the fumes are flammable. Take a razor and scrape it up when the iso is gone. Top a bowl and:smoke:

  13. Yeah, I figure a brush wouldn't work well if you have a ton of it in there. I've never had to deal with more than a little bit of it. Someone should make a tool with rubber nubs in the front and a blade on the back.
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    You can place a small pan of water on a hot plate and then place a glass plate on top of the pan of water thus steaming the plate and gently heating and speeding up the evaporate time.
    Search making QWISO
  15. Just make sure you have good ventilation.
  16. In fact I save the stems from when I'm breaking down my buds and when I have enough I take them and I also soak my grinder in 91% alcohol to get all the resin off. I take The alcohol from the grinder and pour it over the stems and any little bit of shake I have around cover with more alcohol if needed put lid on jar and shake the shit out of it for about 30 seconds then strain through coffee filter, take resulting solution * warning DO NOT DRINK* and evaporate I use an old crockpot which I place a little water in and then flip the lid over and then turn on high and pour liquid onto said inverted lid and soon the crockpot heats up and the lid stays nice and warm. I can do do a batch like this in a few hours and man it will melt your face off
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    I do mine outside
  18. Me too. i use the side burner on my grill for now, but the open flame requires a lid to smother flames sometimes.
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    Use a little brush and brush it out.
    Like the one you would get with the mflb.
    Or the QWISO method.

    Edit: If you have a lot of kief it might get stuck in the bristles, but most of it should come out just fine.
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    Crockpot or hot plate. No open flames with either

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