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how do i get rid of the pot smelll

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassyhilz, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. i'm gonna go blaze with my friend tomorrow (its his first time btw). And its my first time since last school year. My parents caught me because they said i smelled like smoke. all i used to do was take a walk and chew some minty gum, but that apparently isnt enough.. i dont ahve any spray deo. or fabreeze or anything. we arent smoking in a room, just in a creek nearby. So i jus want to know how i can get that smell off me completely after i burn some.

    Its some stanky shit, i can smell it thru three ziplock quart bags and i can smell it on the metal bottom that my lava lamp sits on.. its my first time buying from this guy so i dont know how smelly it is after its grinded and smoked.
  2. Just chill at the creek for half an hour man. Let the air do its thing.
    Or just don't wear clothes that will retain smell. It's pretty simple.
  3. wear a hoodie or something while your smoking, then take it off before you walk inside the house. If the rents ask, say you spilled water on it and didnt want a wet hoodie on.
  4. smoke out of a bowl not a joint or blunt for starters. When you exhale your hits blow them away from you so the smoke doesn't get in your hair or on your clothes, don't smoke copious amounts, chew gum, and wait about 30 minutes before you go home and there should be no smell at all.
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    Wear a hoodie while your smoking, take it off after your done smoking, however if you have to be home really fast after toking, you'll hoodie will reek. Honestly just go for a walk or some shit after you smoke and they shouldnt be able to smell it on you. If you smoke cigs, just have one after you blaze being sure to blow smoke on your hands and underneath your shirt, guaranteed weed smell free.
    EDIT: i dont understand how people can smell bud on your hours after you blaze. I can have massive blaze sesh's and my mom who has the most powerful nose i know cant even detect a hint of it. Lesson learned = 1 smoke will take the smell away
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    my dad had a nose like a blood hound, he could smell it hours later, especially when it was cold out...I eventually stopped caring but accidentally found a way to mask the smell...One night I ate a nice big juicy orange after getting really stoned, I fully expected to hear him tell me I stunk like pot when I walked through the door but to my amazement he never said a word...I asked him the next day and he said he never smelled the pot...after that I would rub orange peels on my skin and clothes after smoking anytime I was anywhere I didnt wanna smell like pot.
    worked liked a charm for me...people always said "you smell like oranges"
  7. Yeah, when you smoke out of a pipe/bubbler/etc., the smoke isn't constantly around, so you can aim it more. And hoodies always work. If you do the hoodie thing, say you dropped it in the creek or got mud on it.
  8. Dunno, I was either always clear when I came back in from toking or my family knew all along that I was smoking.
  9. I used to blaze shirtless when stealth was an issue, that may help.
  10. if i dont want to smell i usually blaze shirtless/tanktop. it might be your hair that smells. I have dreads and i have to drive with the windows down to really air them out.
  11. never thought of that before. I think I am going to blaze without a shirt on, maybe naked...but I technically have done that in the shower.

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