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How do i get resin off my teeth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by preewee, May 28, 2011.

  1. yeah i was smoking yesterday and I found out this morning that some resin is stuck to my teeth. How do i get it off..? brushing didn't work.
  2. mouthwash
  3. hammer is the only way im afraid :(
  4. 420 cleaner
  5. Paper clips or razor blades.
  6. It's easier to pack the bowl down with your lighter.
  7. Drink a swig of vodka or hard liquor, mouthwash would probably work too.
  8. My front, bottom teeth got stained by smoke/resin from bong hits. Live with it. :p
  9. How are you getting resin on your teeth?

    I've smoked from bongs and pipes for upwards of 5 years now, never had that happen...
  10. never had resin on my teeth. ive had resin on my lips, resin on my fingers, but never resin on my teeth.
  11. I assume any resin he has on his teeth isn't "resin" as much as a building up of stains from smoking.

    They have smokers toothpaste...
  12. hmmm seems like someone needs to brush more often lol
  13. sunflower seeds.
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    Try mouthwash.

    Are you sure it is resin? I never got resin stuck on my teeth, lips yes but not on my teeth.

    Mouthwash should help because of the alcohol content, make sure it is listerine or another alcohol mouthwash. Try soaking your toothbrush in listerine for a minute and then brush with it.
  15. Brush with everclear!
  16. brush them teeths clean.
    how did you even get resin on ya teeth it's never happened to me before, not once.

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