How do I get REALLY high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tor, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. I smoked a 1 gram joint yesterday, i usually smoke 0.5, when i smoked 1 gram i didnt feel higher then i would of.
  2. Edibles.
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  3. From nugs.
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  4. Why do you keep saying no to edibles?? If you want to get higher make them..
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  5. I find their high different. They just knock you out and it's a much harsher high from the strong ones I experienced.
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  6. It's definitely a different kind of high compared to smoking but it's enjoyable if you don't over do it..

    I always eat 1/4 or 1/3 of any edibles I have then wait 2 hours before eating more.. that way you slowly come up & you get a rough idea of how much to eat next time
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  7. Get a wax pen, if you won't do edibles.
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  8. The weed you have might just treat you that way, not to say it's bad weed, just your idea of "really high" might be more related to another strain you tried, but I don't know.

    Every strain of weed is slightly different, they're not all kickers, some of them are pretty mellow and might seem like they're not doing much.

    Basically, you might be expecting too much from the weed you've got at the moment, or on the other hand maybe you're getting higher than you think.

    Tip: You generally get "higher" if you're in a happy place, in a comfortable setting. If you're in a bad mood, or if you're not comfortable, you won't reap the full benefit of the high.
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  9. Repress hashish obtained from high quality honey oil + tops that get dusted. Then I teach u how to make a cool bong.
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  10. Blue Dream gets you a euphoric happy high. Or maybe try Purple Punch. Better strains of weed get you better highs.
  11. Blaze hella weed
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  12. Boof it
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  13. Dab rig with some concentrates.

    But if you're taking off just flowers, pack a bowl, smoke it, boot it, pack a bowl, smoke it, boot it, pack a bowl, smoke it, boot it, etc. until you start forgetting to keep hitting it. That's when you're really high.
  14. A couple of things. Take a tolerance break to reset your system. 3-4 days is all you need. The most concentrated you can get with cannabis is by making a thick tar like oil which is what I make for cancer patients. A head of a pin size blob gets you sideways. You will build a tolerance to it over time.
  15. Mango and grapefruit juice.
  16. I'm telling you, smoke bowls instead of joints, and pack one after another after another until you forget that you're even smoking weed...
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  17. smoke weed
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  18. try sativa edibles
  19. Tolerance break, as long as you can.

    Grind a gram into the finest powder you can (save a small nug as a filter so it dont all fall through).
    Smoke it in 1 hit and hold it in, if you can.
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  20. Try making a waterfall out of a plastic bottle of at least a liter too. If you want to get stoned off one hit...

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