how do I get myself in the right mindset before smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by ctc1989, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place. I posted a question a few days ago about getting really anxious when I smoke.. This is sort of a part 2.
    I'm wondering how to get in the right mindset before I light up, I got some great responses in my last post, and I'm hoping to get more in dept answers on how I can "get my mind right".
    If you have any breathing exercises, music recommendations, thought expermentation... Anything at all that you believe would be useful for someone like me.
  2. Just listen to whatever music makes you happy, smoke with people you trust, and remember this shit is safe and you likely won't get caught. Think about the people that smoke everyday and have been for a long time. They're fine and you will be too
    Happy toking
  3. Floyd :metal:

    sit down[​IMG], roll up :smoking:, smoke up :bongin:  , laugh it up :laughing: , munch it up :yummy:
  4. I don't even think about it I might have some tunes on or I will start a movie before I vape so I don't forget to start it afterwards. Remember this is not a job interview it is about relaxing and enjoying my ride. To much effort makes it seam like work just to have fun.

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  5. Hell rub one out before you smoke that should help you relax.

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  6. Don't think about the what if's before or hell, anytime your smoking. That will always put you in an edgy mood. Relax and listen to music that soothes you and smoke in an environment that you're comfortable to let yourself go in.

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  7. Don't think about what ifs as previous guy said and don't smoke in sketchy spots or at sketchy times. Do it when/where you can be totally relaxed and not worry about someone seeing you

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  8. I find that I become most anxious when I don't feel like smoking but do anyways because it's there or I have nothing better to do. If I decided to smoke when I'm not really feeling it, the high becomes more of an unwelcome feeling of uneasiness.. Anxiousness. When I do get anxious, I find things like drawing or watching mindless cartoons help. Getting high and tinkering on things is great. Working on my car after a blunt is very relaxing ( though sometimes not always the best idea ) model cars or a puzzle.. Anything to focus on.

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  9. Listen to "As the World Turns" by Eminem. Funny song.

    I often freestyle before I smoke, it's an instant mood booster for me.
  10. I always like to smoke some bud to help me get in the mood to smoke some bud.

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  11. I did that earlier. Worked well.
    Now I'm eating Doritos and jalapeno peppers in preparation to smoke again.
  12. See people, results...

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