How do i get my plant into nuggs?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StickyxLover, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hey i know this is a really stupid question because everybody asks it and everything but can sombody tell me how to get something like this

    Into this........

  2. I am not sure what you are asking here.
    Are you asking how to grow?
  3. sorry if the question makes like no sense cause im a newb but how do you take the leaf like on the first pic and make it into the 2nd pick dont you like pick the stems off or something like that. try to help me here im a newb.
  4. Yes. You would take that plant you have in your pictures, cut of all those big and little fan leaves (called manicuring), cut of the cleaned plant at the stem, hang it upside down for 3-7 days depending on size, then pull of the buds from the stem. Your final product will look like your bottom pictures.
  5. ^yea..

    BUT your pics are definatly NOT ready to cut down. plants flower for 6-10 weeks before harvest time indoors

  6. Try helping yourself :D by reading and searching and reading again, all your answers are at the guide top page, you obviously have never read a how to guide, better start.
    Also I suggest you to stick to buying:wave: Too the poster's on this thread above they are not his plants he got them to post to show how to go from point A to point B, You peeps need to read the thread before you post because you could really fuck someone up on the hobby. Ive seen people given advice without reading carefully on what the question is, read and think before you type.
  7. just wanted to add one of these............ seee its like a comic
    :smoke: :smoking: :bolt: :yay: :love:
  8. Yea sorry about all that
  9. your plant should be pretty full of buds when ready to it should be pretty obvious once you get there how to get your buds...its as easy as sniping and cuttin
  10. why has no-one stated the obvious? the first plant is an outdoor sativa, that only looks about 20 days into flowering, the 2nd pic is definatley indica bud, and indoor by the looks of it, plus it looks like its been cured very well. all these things add to the appearance of nugz.

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