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How do i get my doggie high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hiddenclowns, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. SO i just bought some dank and let me little puppy sniff it. she feel in love with the smell andi was thinkin "damn i should get her high". so how do i go about doin this, any tips/tricks?
  2. I'm pretty sure that if you blow smoke in their face they can get high. Just try to not inhale the smoke and the dog should get high.
  3. #3 Miss Does, Jan 22, 2009
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    you dont people like me report it and than your thread gets closed ...:wave:

    read the rules... your pet has no choice... your forcing it... if you're gonna do it, fine.. but dont be stupid and post about it
  4. well...if your dog tries to avoid the smoke then i wouldn't recommend it. most animals dont like smoke of anykind.
  5. i would never let my dog get high. your an idiot.
  6. ohhh! i know a way blow smoke up its ass then read the rules on the forum!
  7. Haha, god damn everyone is getting angry. Is this also a Peta forum?

    I hate animal abuse as much as the next guy but weed isn't going to kill or hurt a dog.
  8. No its just a fucked thing to do. Pets dont know what the hell is going on, nor do they have any say if you blow smoke on them. Getting them high is generally unhealthy for pets, as their nervous systems are not meant to be tampered with like that.

  9. You don't.

    A) It's against the rules of GC to discuss this...

    B) If your dog wants to get high, it will come to you. If it wants to, it will crane it's head up toward the smoke.
  10. One of my dogs doesn't mind the smoke and sticks around. It's the only thing that really calms her down, ha..
  11. actually marijuana can kill your dog.
  12. I do not think that you should put marijuana into an animals system. If they like it, and choose to come around when you're smoking, breathing it will be enough to make them happy.

    I once saw a table of people getting high in an Amsterdam coffeeshop, and there was a doberman lying right in the middle. He (or she) had the best seat in the house!

    Let the animal make up it's own mind when it's older, and observe it's behavior to make sure that it isn't fucking them up too much.
  13. well i personaly people that make there pets smoke are me
    on the other hand if your dogs a pot head its all good
    my dog always jumps in the air to catch my exhale lol
    been doing it for years
  14. lolol
  15. you are all gonna get a profile infraction for t3n points for posting in this thread. Good luck!
  16. i think its a bad idea to get a dog high. they dont know whats going on and they can panic. tent or bathroom hotbox
  17. why the fuck would you do that? my pets are (like) my children, the thought of people doing this sickens me

    i had a roommate put my cat in a cardboard box and 3 guys blew hoots into it until it pissed itself and threw up. i came home from work and saw my cat in the box with his own filth, and was told in a very laughy statement what happened. my roommate's shit was on the lawn within an hour., and to this day he doesn't see what the big deal was.

    smarten the fuck up.
  18. aww mani don't like cats too much but thats pretty fucked up...i personally wouldnt get my dog high...i'd feel guilty
  19. I pout my cat under a big basket and fill it with smoke she LOVES it
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