how do i get more sex from women?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by gumisgood, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. i'm 24. i've had 3 or 4 sexual partners...depending on what you think means sex. 3 for sure. 4 if you think non penetrative sex counts...
    anyway..i feel like i'm way behind the curve. i have friends my age that have had 20, 30+ and i hear stories from guys that have done triple digit #s. that is online...but i guess i believe them...why would they lie? plus you know all the famous/rich/powerful guys probably have those type of #s. perhaps it is exaggerated but i don't care. i want to be one of those men...and i want it to come easy..
    i know you're supposed to be looking for love from women, but why lie, i don't want their love. i love myself fine, i don't need women for that. no woman can make me love myself anymore than i do. and i can't love women right now because...from what i gather, women usually have had more sex than i have at my age. so i hate them, because it's obviously easier for them. not really hate, resent. and it's not because i actually hate them, or resent them...or i think they're sluts or hos...because why lie, if it were up to me, i'd be right there with's more i'm jealous. so i hate them...women in general...because i'm jealous of them. i can't even bring myself to like girls who i know are virgins because i know thats their it's different. 
 problem is, i just want sex.
    not really trying to buy a hooker. that feels like cheating. i just want to be able to get sex from women whenever i want it. i want to be able to have any girl, and i want that now. not after "i've improved myself" which is the advice i get. i want it now. starting when i wake up tomorrow.
    any advice? 

  2. Stop watching porn.
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  3. i don't watch porn and i don't jerk off. i'm 24...not 12 lol..
  4. Lmao what. Plz stop.
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  5. 24 n 20-30+partners is just nasty

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  6. they have apps for people like you.
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    Delete my shit cause now I realize this is dumb and I'm mad at myself for supporting you.
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  8. Buy a hooker.... It isn't like your post makes you out to be to good for them anyways.
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  9. If he's not a troll, i applaud him for his honesty. Come on. You should already know. At least he's not raging against "sluts" and trying to convince everyone that he's not insecure when it's grossly apparent.
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  10. I thought you were going to be honest.
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  11. go online and look for some kind of sex hook up site. other than that, id say your results will be pretty hit or miss(mostly miss).
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    You're fucked, bro.
  13. Yea I suppose. He loves himself more than anyone else could ever love him supposedly and hates/resents women who have more sex than him because it's easy. Like what.

    I don't understand people, can't you just enjoy life and let things come and go naturally?

    Anyways OP, if you wanna fuck, go look for social apps or go to the club.
  14. No he isn't ..and that's his problem
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  15. OP, there are women who feel the exact same way you do. You can find them on craigslist.
  16. I guess I was so caught up in his admission of resenting women that I overlooked logic,

    That's my own bad. Point remains though.
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    i don't think so...
    i want to know though, from those guys that have had like 25+ are these actual women or just random girls? because i mean my numbers would be doubled if i just slept with anyone who has come along. like the methhead i passed on. or the streetwalker. or the 30 year old mom with 2 kids i said no to. because then it would be nasty.
    but if it's just normal 20 year old ish women you've slept with..that's not nasty. that's just life. 
    We all have our brain fart moments.  Mine is eternal.  I'm always brain farting.
    i know right? why would i lie, i am insecure! you have guys walking around with 100+ body counts and i can't even get to 5? that's bs. these men aren't better than me...what, they don't die if they get shot? they don't bleed? nah, no man deserves to be having more sex than i am...
    yet many, if not most, are...and it's time that changed, i think..
    my last girl had like 12 (that she said...) and i left her after i found that out. (not just for that, but it did factor in...)
    I joined the wrong forum, because I think I'm older than 90% of the folks here.  This post proves it.
    Advice?  Bro.  Women, believe it or not, are not sex objects.  I've played your game.  It's dangerous in so many ways you can't count them.  But that's what I see with the 20-somethings.  I happen to work in the entertainment biz, so I see it.  A lot.  The whole FWB/Fuck Buddy thing and all the one-night stands.
    It will bite you in the ass.
    How do you get more sex from women?  You fucking don't.  You find one that you actually get along with - which may be impossible becuase many of them think in a real fucked up way - have some foundational commitment and a spash of emotional attachment, along with a commitment of some nature to keep it monogomous, and there's your sex partner.
    Sorry bro, even the preview of this post pissed me off.  At 24, I wasn't on the internet bragging tripple digit pussy counts, I was dealing with 6 digits in my bank account, my carreer, trophy hs sweetheart wife and kid.  But I know what your after comes with a 'scene'.  ANd that can fuck your life up.
    I was legally seperated when I started chasing ass.   But it was the scene that cuased the seperation.
    Everyone is going to say something different.  But do yourself a favor.  Stop and think about what the fuck you're doing.
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