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How do I get more bud for my money?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LaughterDude, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was thinking about how great it would be to get more bud for the same price from the same dealer! If anyone has any tips about how to get more weed for the same price without changing dealer (I love his weed) I thought this would be a great place to share it! Also would it be better to stick to the same dealer or keep changing so you get better value?

  2. if you stay with same guy you should eventually get some decent deals but that being said, if you want more bud for your buck you are going to have to eliminate the middle men.  Shop around maybe ask some other smokers in your area where they get their stuff from.
  3. errr I think it kinda going to be hard to cut out the middle man when I live in Shanghai (I can't speak much chinese)... I've heard most of the hash comes from Afghanistan so I stay away from that, I haven't heard that about the bud though. Thanks man! Any other other tips would be even better!
  4. ya that's going to be tough then.  Only thing I could think of is buying more at I time.  I get 8g's for free when I buy an ounce vs 1g at a time.
    Other then that I would just be happy that you got a hookup in the first place.
  5. The only way to get more bud for your money is to buy more than a dub at a time
  6. Save your money and buy in quantity

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  7. Fuck that! Shanghai? No thanks. Just pay the price and pray you don't get caught or we'll see you on "Locked up Abroad"... Those fuckers don't play around!
    buy 1oz+ at a time and you'll save a lot
    just make sure it's some good weed you're buying cause you'll be smoking it for a while
  9. Personally, I have multiple contacts (dealers) only because some of them go on a dry spell sometimes not often, but you're only going to save your money by quantity. I went from an oz. to QP for this same reason.
  10. I've heard this multiple times but I'm not sure if it's just a myth

    Don't you get the death penalty over there for possession or distribution?

    Or is that China?
  11. Buy a vaporizer. Expensive at first but it pays for itself when you start to use less weed per week. Now you have more bang for your buck.
  12. #12 Sammyy, Feb 9, 2014
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    Buy in bulk and buy often he'll start hooking you up i hes a good dealer but dont expect free q's and shit

    or grow your own
  13. I found a dude who can get me 20g for 500rmb (£50 and around 80usd i think sorry i from england).picked up and it's some great indica hybrid! plus free hash! so around 22/23g and my mates get this deal everytime they use this guy!

    Dude the police are super chilled about weed i have walk past police men while they hittin a bong. they don't know what weed is man! And as i am foreign i will only get a warning if they do catch me and if they catch me again i will most likely get kicked out of the country. Funny story one of my mates a long time ago got found out and he ran away from while rolling a joint and he got away! Shanghai has a pretty sick night life highly recomend!!!
  14. uhhh I wouldn't even feel safe looking at pictures of weed on a computer in China
    didn't they ban Google?
    OP is probably in custody by now
  15. dude shanghai is not like the rest of china, it is very westernised. Dude random people come up to you and ask for hits and then they'll pull out their weed and end up smokin up together.when i think about iti have no idea how i end up doing some of these things.

    But in the the majority of other chinese cities its fucked up man. on anti drugs day they execute 10 people arrested for drugs from each province.
  17. by random people i mean expects who are young. lol not random chinese people i cant speak chinese that well that would pretty funny though. i've heard smoking that smoking with your dealer is a good way. my mates have done it with a different dealer and they always get like 3g extra. What do you think about that? worth a shot?
  18. 1. Buy Weight
    2. Buy lower quality weed.
  19. I will try and buy heavier, but I also want to know what people think about smoking with their dealer to get heavier bags

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