how do i get into politics?

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  1. so recently i had a revelation. the government controll me. so i need to be involved!

    my question is how does one keep up with the going ons in government.

    like a list a senators, and who is voting for what bills. the media doesnt seem to have the answers we need. im guessing there is a govermnet websight?
  2. there will be a link coming shortly i would imagine, but how to get into politics is simple, start at local government and work your way up from there.
  3. this will be a great start thanks!

  4. my pleasure and good luck in your endeavor.
  5. Don't dwell into petty local politics too much. Just keep up with news that comes from independent sources and stay away from CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, etc.

    If you ever come across a story or event, try to read up on that single topic from various news sources so you eliminate any biases.

    But your best bet would be to never use your TV and use the shit out of the internet. Stick to getting your news from counterculture forums like this one and reddit, current, etc.
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    Heres a decent site you can use to track legislation through the congress. It seems a little complicated at first but it gets easier with experience.

    Also try scanning a few different media outlets that are from differing political views. For example,,,,, and of course this wonderfull website. Dont take what their saying at face value so much as you compare differences and similarities between stories in relation to the site/bias/agenda to try and come to a personal, reasonable, and well informed opinion.
  7. Go to your state's website. It will take at most 5 mins to do some poking and prodding, but you'll be surprised just the basics that you can find out if you look for it. From there, you can look into specific details further, i.e. who your representatives are, upcoming ballot initiatives in you area, local meetup groups for like-minded people of your same political perspectives.

    Good Luck!
  8. drive a car off a bridge into a river in a drunken stupor. Escape, but leave behind your girlfriend to die in the cold, frigid, dark water. That is how you become a senator for life if you are interested. True fucking story by the way.

  9. The glorious life of the Kennedy's :laughing:
  10. In Soviet Russia politics gets into you!

  11. Somebody actually had that happen to them...

    That would be so tramatizing.

  12. Cough, Ted Kennedy, cough cough
    1. sell your soul [join the dark side, pledge to lobbyist you'll work for the 1%]
    2. gain power via back stabbing and lies at the expense of those your office is supposed to represent, instead do what is best for your masters (if in doubt, repeat step #1)
    3. ?
    4. profit on the blood sweat and tears of the american people for as long as possible...
    5. rewrite history books while in office so you'll be seen as a hero... (Texas Style!!!!!)
    ..toss in a few instances of drowning deaths with drunken car wrecks, airport bathroom stall sex scandels and treasonous actions like telling lies and fabrication evidence to get us into 'wars' and you'll do fine!:p
  13. dont forget to text your dick to tha ladies
  14. Shooting your friend while hunting is also a good start.

  15. Wrong topic, he said get into politics, not act like Brett Favre.
  16. I've often thought about this. I'd suggest starting locally to gain some experience. Town council, or state/county representative to gain some experience and see if it's for you or not.

  17. Thats what Anthony Weiner a democrat did this year. He also likes having sex while the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are on. Crazy fuck!

  18. Probably making a blog site about your ideas would be a great start. That and YouTube. It's so easy to reach out to millions of people these days which makes it easy to become popular. Only thing I recommend is that you learn your history. Every problem we face has already happened multiple times and it's history that will tell you what to do.

    This huge debt is in large part due to all the wars that we get into and get nothing in return. Countries and nations who fight wars have always ended up broke unless try captured cities full of money. And were aren't looking for shit. Also a country who relies on The middle class to pay for wars never survives. Middle class class gets the tax burden and the country has always and will always go to hell.

    Aristotle said that for a government to last, their needs to be a large and powerful middle class. This is from Ancient Greece, this genius knew how to keep a powerful government alive back then and nations for millenniums have been knowing this, but they are too greedy to give a shit.

    Taxes should always be placed heavily on the rich... Why? Because it works. The best times in American history and any other civilization is when the rich pay taxes. Nations do not survive because it is also the rich that are in government. They declare war for personal interests and have the poor and middle class pay for it and have them fight it.

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