How do i fuck up a walmart drug test!!!!plase reply

Discussion in 'General' started by pausedtoker, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. my parents are drug testing me since they caught me with my shit like a month ago so they said i have one month to get clean since weed takes a month to get out of your system.

    so the months up im gunna take the test in a few days and i havent smoked in a month so its gunna come out clean BUT i wanna continue tokin so i need to know how to mess up the drug test.

    the test is gunna be in my bathroom under my rules with no one in there but me so i can bring what ever to fuck it up so please can you give me some tips to mess the test up so itll turn positive?
  2. Pee in the cup.
  3. Move out of your parents' home.
  4. you don't want it to turn up positive dude..

    and if you haven't smoked for a month you should be good on your test, be honest with your parents and say i stopped smoking a month ago when you asked, but idk how long mj stays in your system so it might still be dirty. ( 99.9% it wont be)

    but eye drops... a few drops of those should dilute it. thats what my buddy used
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  5. i no man but i wanna toke after the test to but if i get tested again and i know ill test dirty i wanna know how to fuck it up so it turns positive,
  6. ok i dont want it to be positive sorry lol but eye drops work huh ok any other things that can dilute the test?
  7. i would but i dont have a job to support that.
  8. Bleach.
  9. here, Let me Google that for YOU

  10. Uhh smoke before the test?= dirty test=time to smoke then time to get clean?? Shit dude when i turned 18 my dad already knew i smoked and hes completely against drugs but doesnt care about it since i got my shit straight in life with college and my son n a steady job.
  11. Have a non-smoking friend pee in a bottle for you, then hide the bottle in the bathroom. When you go in to pee in the cup, fill it with your friend's piss.
  12. hahaha i dident even know you can do that that was cool as shit but thanks man:smoking:
  13. get clean piss. if u wanna pass the test.

    if you make it test positive and like fuck up make sure. there isnt a thing to test for things that may have been added like bleach. on some drug tests so watch out.:smoking:
  14. this is a walmart drug test it not even 20 bucks so its a shitty one im guessing how much bleach should i use?
  15. Hope they dont card you buying bleach! lol but just a few drops man,
  16. take a shit in the cup...

    ...then come out and say "what isnt this what you wanted??" with a confused look on your face..

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