How do I flush a plant with neut burn?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Paustin121697, May 5, 2016.

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  2. Just use some ph balanced water for a few days. No nutrients until it recovers. Just make sure you test the water at the proper ph. should be 6 to 7. It will come back. Be sure not to overwater because that will not help either. I would give it a good soak with ph bal. water and then give it a few days to recover.
  3. Doesn't look like nute burn to me, looks like my clones when the temps and humidity get too high did you use a foliar spray during lights on?
  4. No i didnt use foliar spray

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  5. When my plants have looked like that in the past, I have misted them with water daily until they are back to normal growth again. Maybe flush and then just spray until they recover. Looks like nute burn but I'm kinda new so...I've made a lot of mistakes.
  6. Looks like overwatering to me. How often do you water. Also what type of soil do you use be specific please.
  7. Nvm I have helped you before. Hmm you used your own compost right? I think I remember you saying you switched from pellet nutes to liquid. Did you remove the pellets? Pellets are usually water activated so whenever you water it will add nutes on top of what you already are adding.
  8. Actually no I did not remove the pallets I mixed in with my soil so it's all the way throughout the pot

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  9. But I do definitely believe that it was nutrient burn from pictures I've seen online and looks nearly the same and yes you might be right because if those pellets are still active I'm adding that liquid fertilizer also it probably just adds up and is too much

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  10. Ok then its going to be difficult to flush your plants. Sorry I did not catch that before I just caught it when I went back to your seedling thread to remember which soil you used. At this point I think your options for this plant are to either A) Use just water until the nutrient pellets are used up, or B) re-pot with your soil mix but with no nute pellets. Thats my opinion. I have an organic fertilizer recipe I could share if you want it that will make your soil nutrient rich enough to last until flowering.
  11. Yeah tell me the mix because I'll use it for future plants

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  12. I got this from a local organic nursery. They use it for everything and a few of them use it with their weed grows. I have not tried this direct recipe but the one I used is very similar.
    -4 parts Alfalfa Meal
    -1 part lime
    -1 part Bone Meal
    -1 part kelp meal

    How to use and mix:
    You can mix that directly into your soil or spread it onto turned soil as an amendment.
    I use half cup dry measurements. So this recipe would be 2 cups Alfalfa meal, 1/2 cup of lime, 1/2 cup of Bone Meal, 1/2 cup Kelp Meal. This is for 1 cu ft of soil so scale up if you are mixing more.
  13. If its easier I used Dr. Earths All Purpose Organic Powder Fertilizer. 2.5 cups per cu ft. I also added .5 cups of kelp meal to this. So that will be a total of 3 cups of fertilizer per cubic foot. This can be used instead of the above recipe, do not use it with it because it will be to much.
  14. Where can you get this stuff at

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  15. The individual amendments you can get at organic gardening centers. Dr. Earth is available at most big chain grocery outlets. I think Kroger and Home Depot carry Dr. Earth products for sure. All of this can be bought on Amazon as well. Here is a link to the Dr. Earth brand I bought on Amazon. : Dr. Earth 706P Organic 7 All Purpose Fertilizer in Poly Bag, 4-Pound : Patio, Lawn & Garden
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  16. if these die I will be sure to try it out! I just hope this plant pulls through... A lot of time and money put into it

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  17. Nope

    Cannabis cultivation any day of the week.
  18. That one did not but a new one is in its place [​IMG]

    Cannabis cultivation any day of the week.

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