How Do I Fix This Hardening And Decoloration?

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  1. Ok folks. Needing some very much so appreciated advice.....WHAT is wrong with my seedling? First sprouted may 25th..... It was beautiful until Sunday evening (now tues) and the leaves are getting worse with each day...........

    I have 4 26w CFL about 3ish inches away....I just moved them up before posting this, so now they are like 6 or 7 inches.... I only water when soil dries which seems to be every 5 or 6 water has ever touched the leaves.....I water it with water that sits out from the faucet, sits out about 3 days before a 64 oz bottle.... I also put a squirt of lime juice in it because I read somewhere that it's good for that pH of the soil?....

    I really dnt think they are burned because I can physically touch the lights for about 10 seconds before I need to pull my finger away, and when I rest my hand right underneath it, it never burns or gets hot... I cld hold it under there for hours if I had to....

    So I'm really wondering what's doing this to my lovely leaves and making them crispy.....does anyone have any clue?

    I am truly an absolute beginner, and I'm worried about it, I pulled a bottom leaf of this morning because it was so crispy. I'm including a pic of my soil too...

    Thank you for any suggestions..!

    sorry for the long windedness but I just wanted to provide enough background information to get some help
  3. right if youndo another grow one only water when the soil is dry 1.5inch down weed loves dry soil as much as wet it get oxygen to the roots. also you need to know the ph of water before addind lime or lemon i only need 5ml per gallon for my water tonbrkng ph within the 6.5-6.8 if your outting lots in your prob going far to acidic for her you either neex a ph tester or find out fron you watr company what ph out ya tap is and adjust for that if your getting 7ph just use that till you use nutes as they sometimes bring your ph down to 6.8 for soil

    but a ph tester would be best dont wanna keep killing ya seeds

    do more reacherch dont glance over it ph is a very very important factor in your plant living if its wrong it will lock out nutes and die

    growing a plant like mj is soo much different to my other veg chillies and fruit mj is or seems more indepth :) hope this helps

    last note read, read, read and keep reading then when you think you read it all read some more 2times over :) we are always learning make these mistakes you wont donit again
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    keep clf no more than 3 inches away and you want 100 actual watts per plant if you can more during flower and cfls dont have much penatration
  5. Geeeeeeze! So you guys think I KILLED her??? Is there anything I can do to fix her?! I ddnt put a lot of lime in it, one squirt for a basically, obviously I need to use dif water, is there anything I can do to revive her?

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  6. Thank you! Yes, that pic is as of last night.....I will def chk out that link, hopefully ph meters aren't too expensive? So ultimately, my problem is water based....or ph based rather...this seems to be the general consensus.......thank you for your help folks!!!

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