how do i find an underground rave

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  1. not just the parties they have at clubs, im talking abandoned warehouse no permit type shit
  2. These things are hard to find for a reason. Do you know any ravers/psychonauts/local DJs? They might be able to help you out.
  3. I think you are confusing reality with fantasy.

    This isn't CSI where some chick is found dead in a warehouse after a long night of raving lol.

    Especially not in Massachusetts... LOL.
  4. If you dont know, then you dont know
  5. Underground raves find you.

  6. Lol i think you are confused!!!!!! There are underground raves all over the place hahahahaha they purpose of being underground would explain why they are so hard to located unless you know where they are......

    I know of a fat ass warehouse here in boulder that is frequently converted into a massive rave fortress more than once a month
  7. go to 3rd and main and look for a girl sitting at the bus stop. ask her "how the cheese is" and she'll tell you "where the cheese is"

    if you don't understand you won't get in.
  8. if you haven't heard of it you can't afford it

  9. Pics or I'll never believe youuuuuuuuuu
  10. Yea I got a friend who goes to raves all the times. U just gotta know the right people.

  11. I've been to a rave in Mass..... and I know people that have been to loads of raves there. What makes you think people don't have raves anymore?

    Seems to me you watch too much tv and haven't experienced it yourself, so you don't believe it's out there :smoke:
  12. now for those of you whove been how different are the undeground raves from other stuff

  13. Underground rave is not the same as a normal rave.
  14. My friend is a DJ...

    Usually when these things happen, the directions to the place aren't given till a couple hours before its actually going down.

    He told me one time, it was a number that everyone who was attending the rave had and then that number did a mass text to everyone . So if you're not in that inner circle, fat chance to just stumble upon it

  15. well that sucks
  16. The only 'underground' rave I've ever been too was ironically enough literally underground, it was in the basement of a saw mill and the cops shut it down.

    To be honest it was kinda dumb, just a bunch of loud drunk people jerking around and spilling beer all over the place.

  17. that describes a warehouse party, not rave lol.....

  18. Obvious statement is obvious.

    Any other cases you've cracked open and want to share, Sherlock?

    The way I discovered underground shit was via promoted raves, like Tight Crew events. OP may wanna check them out, they do things all around New England. It's a good place to start if you're looking to for more underground shit in the area.
  19. yeh you gotta start out by going to the club nights and meeting people who go to the raves, then after enough time you will eventually hear about one

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