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How do i find a dealer???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spragg, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I live in Fairbanks alaska. I used to have a dealer with a good supply, but now something happened and he wont return my calls.

    My old one just came up to me on the street one night and asked if i wanted some weed.

    But how do i ask someone? Who do i ask? Any tips on finding a hookup?

    Also, friends with connections are out of the question.

  2. Well,if your from alaska...isnt that sh*t legal over there...tha hell you wana dealer for?
  3. i mean legal for medical patients
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    I travel a lot for my job, and I find the best way to find weed in an unfamiliar area is to just go to a bar and wait outside until somebody lights up a joint, then start talking to them and offer to throw down some money for them to blaze you. If you can keep a conversation going it almost always leads to a connect (for me anyways).
  5. I dont know if there's skateparks in alaska check there , or college campuses
  6. The reason he's not hitting u back is because he's probably out of weed and have to reup leave him alone for a bit then hit him up
  7. Umm whats that site with a list of venues to find weed at?

    Anyway, just go to an EBGames, a local college campus, skatepark, or like a lower-class hood.

    ORRRR grow your own

  8. What?? there's a web site for that? O.O

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  11. You live in fairbanks or just in the general area? Go downtown look for small groups of guys all dressed alike and ask them for some but be careful probably will be a gang area. Chances are if you walk around for long enough someone will ask you if you want something. When I used to be in the city (not fairbanks) dealers would walk around and have their phone up to their ear and when walking by someone somewhat quietly say I got that kush or something similar. If you don't smoke weed you'd probably not even hear it but if your dying for some bud you'll hear that shit a mile away haha.
  12. Ok here is what you gotta do,find some random person walking down the street and follow him,follow him even if he gets mad,and if he runs inside a public place just wait outside....also make retarted animal noises when your following him,im sure he will get the
  13. Oh yeah, and make the weed call.

    Fine a really tall spot, like a church steeple, and throw your arms behind you, raise one leg, and caw. Works every time.
  14. Yup listen to aracratz,its a full proof plan
  15. I sent you a message. i live in Ak too.
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    if you went to high school there just hit up the stoners from school on facebook. thats what i did last time i was dry lol. i was like "hey man you know where i could score some herb?" his response "what you need?" it was that simple.
  17. I just moved here too from Colorado where it was easy as hell to score and I am having the hardest time finding shit here....If you get a lead could you tell me what you did? I am about to post a CL add but I am scared of cops lol thanks!
  18. I just moved to Fairbanks AK and am having terrible luck at finding any connects at all. I've asked people but everyone has told me "sorry, I'm not sure." Anyone else here from ak that can help me out? Or give me any ideas on what I can do? Thanks
  19. Look for smacked looking eskimoes
  20. Only thing that sucks for OP is that winter is coming up, and I've been to Fairbanks, so I know that when it starts being dark all the time, people don't chill outside bars and shit.

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